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PostPosted: Mon Oct 20, 2008 4:47 pm   Post subject: RAFFAELE SOLLECITO'S OWN WORDS   



Original version in Italian: RAFFAELE'S ITALIAN DIARY

Raffaele's Diary, translated by Belle on Haloscan at True Crime. PDF version:

Raffaele's Diary has been re-translated by Clander for greater accuracy. Please instead download the Definitive version here: TRANSLATION OF RAFFAELE'S PRISON DIARY: DEFINITIVE VERSION

You do not have the required permissions to view the files attached to this post.

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PostPosted: Tue Oct 21, 2008 12:12 am   Post subject: RAF'S LETTER TO TG NORBA - 25th FEB   


RAF'S LETTER TO TG NORBA, 25th FEB copied over from TC:

Bluetit wrote:
This letter from RS to his local TV is not particularly important -- although perhaps his mention of OTHER people's USEFUL psychiatrists may be regarded as significant. But it happens to be one document I can lay my hands on without delay.

Released 25/2/2008




Translation (source ?)


Dignity and resignation. That is what is in the letter that Raffaele Sollecito has written from prison, so that all may know the pain of a boy deprived of his liberty for a crime - he writes - that he didn't commit.

Tidy handwriting, that expresses serenity and reasoning, and such disappointment in Raffaele's letter. He's disappointed with society, with justice, and seeing as he's writing to a television station, disappointed even with television, which treats the family tragedy like Big Brother, mercilessly and distorting reality, in order to gain audience.

"What is important," writes Raffaele Sollecito," is that the protagonists of the events must suffer. What's important is to get the scoop, and to leave as much shadow and suspicion as possible." Then he tells his story: "Put yourself in my clothes", writes Sollecito, "I meet a girl in a concert and from that moment we start going out. She lives with her friends and often I have lunch with them, I'm often at their house."

"One morning I go back to that house and find a big mess, then the police arrive, kick down the door and find a dead girl. From that moment,"
continues Sollecito, "they suspect everything, even yourself, and you, not giving it much importance, one day you fall in a trap of your own making (cadi in trappola con le tue stesse mani). But I ask myself," continues Raffaele, "how can this be justice? There are people who have killed their family and who through their psychiatrists' ability are succeeding in not spending even one day in prison; while I – and I think I'm not the only one – I am innocent, I have an absurd limitation of my liberty, I haven't even been found guilty of anything."

"Does that seem normal to you? By now I am resigned,"
he concludes, "and it's useless for me to get angry or to try to shout my innocence since neither the judges nor the investigators nor others listen to me."

"I am totally impotent here. My only hope is to wait for the truth to be discovered."


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PostPosted: Tue Oct 21, 2008 12:23 am   Post subject: EXTRACTS FROM RAF'S LETTER TO HIS FATHER   



TLC wrote:
Tom Kington in Rome The Observer, Sunday November 25 2007
Extracts from Raffaele Sollecito's letter to his father

Dear father. What can I say about Amanda? During that time we were together she was elusive, I thought she was out of this world. She lived her life like a dream, she was detached from reality ... Her life seemed to be pure pleasure.

I don't know if it's fair that I have to pay such a high price for not paying more attention to the seconds and minutes of 1 November. But after this experience, believe me Dad, I will never smoke another joint in my life. I wait with faith for the results of the investigation which, I know for certain being innocent, will demonstrate what really happened. That I was not in that room when poor Meredith was killed. Poor Meredith. A quiet girl who exchanged few words with people, who I had little to do with, but who certainly did not deserve the end she met.

I try to understand what Amanda's role was in this event. The Amanda I know ... lives a carefree life. Her only thought is the pursuit of pleasure ... But even the thought that she could be a killer is impossible for me.


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PostPosted: Tue Oct 21, 2008 12:29 am   Post subject: RAF'S STATEMENT TO POLICE 5th NOV   


RAF'S STATEMENT TO POLICE 5th NOV copied over from TC:

Bluetit wrote:
From the Telegraph, 8 Nov. (translated from Corriere della Sera).

Sollecito reportedly told police in an interview that he wanted to change his story.

He said: "I have known Amanda for two weeks. From the night that I met her she started sleeping at my house. On November 1, I woke up at around 11, I had breakfast with Amanda then she went out and I went back to bed.

"I met her at her house again at around one or 2.00pm. Meredith was there too, but she left in a hurry at around 4.00pm without saying where she was going.

"Amanda and I went into town at around 6pm, but I don't remember what we did. We stayed there until around 8.30 or 9pm.

"At 9pm I went home alone and Amanda said that she was going to Le Chic because she wanted to meet some friends. We said goodbye. I went home, I rolled myself a spliff and made some dinner."

He goes on to say that Amanda returned to his house at around 1am and the couple went to bed, although he couldn't remember if they had sex.

He said she got up the next morning and went home for a shower at around 10.30am.

"When she went off Amanda took an empty plastic bag, telling me it was for dirty washing. She came back around half past eleven and I remember she changed her clothes."

At this point, he says Amanda told him she was worried.

"She told me that when she went back home she found the door wide open and traces of blood in the little bathroom. She asked me if it sounded strange to me. I answered that it did and I advised her to call her housemates. She said she had called Filomena (another housemate), but that Meredith wasn't answering."

He said the two went back to the house together.

"She opened the door with her keys and I went in. I noticed that Filomena's door was wide open and there was broken glass on the floor and the room was in a mess. Amanda's door was open but it was tidy. Then I went towards Meredith's door and saw that it was locked.

"I looked to see if it was true what Amanda had told me about the blood in the bathroom and I noticed drops of blood in the sink, while on the mat there was something strange - a mixture of blood and water, while the rest of the bathroom was clean.

"I was asking myself what could have happened and I went out to see if I could get in through Meredith's window. I tried to break down the door but I couldn't and so I decided to call my sister to get some advice because she is a police lieutenant.

"She told me to call 121 (the Italian emergency number) but in the meantime the postal police arrived.

"In my previous statement I told a load of rubbish because Amanda had convinced me of her version of the facts and I didn't think about the inconsistencies."

PS. When we have the whole statement (in Italian too) I shall delete this incomplete and not very reliable version. It's just a stopgap. Bluetit


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PostPosted: Wed Oct 22, 2008 2:46 am   Post subject: RAFFAELE ON THE KNIFE   


Bluetit wrote:
A few extracts from Raffaele Sollecito's "Notes on a Prison Journey" (written in November, i think) :
Source : Newsweek

"The fact there is Meredith's DNA on the kitchen knife is because once when we were all cooking together I accidentally pricked her hand. I apologized immediately and she said it was not a problem."

"I was in a total panic because I thought Amanda killed Meredith or maybe helped someone kill her… Amanda may have set me up by taking the knife and giving it to the son of a bitch who killed Meredith. When I saw the knife on TV ... my heart jumped into my throat."

http://truecrimeweblog.freeforums.org/p ... 2433cf#838

"Reconstructing the events I think she [Knox] was with me but I can't quite remember if she left me for a few minutes early on that evening … My recollections are confused because we smoked so much dope."

Does anyone know where the complete text of this document may be found ?

PS. Same question about "La Mia Prigione" (AK's prison diary).


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PostPosted: Wed Oct 22, 2008 12:54 pm   Post subject: RAF'S STATEMENT TO KATE MANSEY NOV 3rd   


Bluetit wrote:
Published in the Sunday Mirror 4/11/2007

Friend tells how he broke down door
Kate Mansey In Perugia, Italy 4/11/2007

A friend of murdered British student Meredith Kercher told last night how he discovered her body in her blood-spattered bedroom.
Raffaele Sollecito, 23, relived the horror of finding the body of the pretty brunette who died when her killer broke into her home and cut her throat as she lay in her bed.
"It is something I never hope to see again," he said. "There was blood everywhere and I couldn't take it all in.
"My girlfriend was her flatmate and she was crying and screaming, 'How could anyone do this?
Meredith, 21, who had been studying in Perugia, Italy since August, was murdered the day after a Halloween fancy dress party at the city's British-themed Merlin Pub on Wednesday.
On Thursday she posted happy snaps of herself in fancy dress on the internet and in the evening had returned home alone after watching a film at a friend's house.
But her flatmates - two Italian girls and one American - had all stayed out for the night, so the gruesome discovery wasn't made until the next day.
Raffaele had spent the night at his own house on the other side of the city with his girlfriend, Meredith's American flatmate Amanda Knox, 22.
He said: "It was a normal night. Meredith had gone out with one of her English friends and Amanda and I went to party with one of my friends.
"The next day, around lunchtime, Amanda went back to their apartment to have a shower."

As Amanda, from Washington DC, stepped into house [sic B] she could tell there was something terribly wrong.
Raffaele said: "When she arrived the front door was wide open. She thought it was weird, but thought maybe someone was in the house and had left it ajar.
"But when she went into the bathroom she saw spots of blood all over the bath and sink. That's when she started getting really afraid and ran back to my place because she didn't want to go into the house alone. So I agreed to go back with her. When we walked in together, I knew straight away it was wrong. It was really eerily silent and the bathroom was speckled with blood like someone had flicked it around, just little spots.
"We went into the bedroom of Philomena
(another flatmate who was away) and it had been ransacked, like someone had been looking for something. But when we tried Meredith's room, the door was locked. She never normally locked her bedroom door and that really made us frightened."
Their panic grew as they desperately banged on her door.
Raffaele said: "I tried to knock it down. I thought maybe she was ill... I made a dent, but I wasn't strong enough on my own so I called the police."
When police arrived they knocked the door down straightaway and Raffaele followed them into the room.
"I couldn't believe what I was seeing," he said. "It was hard to tell it was Meredith at first but Amanda started crying and screaming. I dragged her away because I didn't want her to see it, it was so horrible.
"It seems her killer came through the window because it was smashed and there was glass all over the place. It was so sinister because other parts of the house were just as normal."

Raffaele, a computer science student, said Meredith had recently started seeing an Italian neighbour called Giacamo [sic B] who lived in the apartment beneath the girls. He said: "Meredith was always smiling and happy. She was really popular and it's horrible that someone would want to hurt her."
Police hunting for the killer found two mobile phones in nearby Parco Saint Angelo, a favourite hang out for heroin addicts.


Bold : RS's own words according to K. Mansey.
Underlined : untrue, contradictory (compared to other versions) or (in my opinion) revealing details.



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PostPosted: Wed Oct 22, 2008 1:02 pm   Post subject: RAFFAELE'S BLOG ENTRY OCT 13th   


skeptical bystander wrote:
Here's RS's blog entry of October 13 (I can't find references to later entries, although Corinne mentioned October 17). My comments are in double parenthesis (()), while RS's original parenthesized comments are single (). I'm not Italian nor live in Italy (am in Spain) but I think I've the gist of it fairly well.

October 13
Everything changes
All blame ((guilt)) for ...
Dear readers,
Now the summer is over, but the heat?

The heat awakens in me an infinite multitude of memories associated with this summer and summers past. Travels, moments with friends, sacrifices dedicated to studies, etc. And this summer? Well this summer, I spent a lot of time with matters pending in my house. I intend ((am trying)) to accommodate my grandmother ((put up / arrange / settle my grandmother – maybe he was looking for a place for her, or just helping her get by in her own place – it's not clear if that was current in October, or one of his summer matters)), which has created no few problems for me (she is very ill and suffers loneliness); I fixed up my place with the help of my father; I have reorganized some bills, receipts and bureaucratic issues of secondary importance compared to my exams, which didn't go very well; indeed, I was about to enter a dark tunnel and dead-end, because my request to return to my beloved ONAOSI college was made too late and so I ended up with too many problems to stay in Perugia.

Fortunately everything is now drawing to a close: My grandmother is well, the house is fixed up ((don't know if he's referring to grandma's or his own)), I came back to Perugia to find a house, my father is well, I had two wisdom teeth pulled out, my sister is better (at least I think so) ... What's missing?

Well, I sacrificed my holiday for more noble causes but I do know that it was better to study more ((or perhaps: would have been better to study more)) given that I have not concluded anything good ...

It doesn't matter, because now I return to the habitat ((environment)) so hated in the past, yet which is now so sought out ... Yes, it's known ... everybody knows it: you never realize the importance of something until you lose it.

You know, I always saw college ((perhaps, school in general)) as a place where they castrate people, in fact, a place where there are 350 males and you can't let in anybody, seems to promote the curbing of instincts.

Nevertheless, there is something else ... Indeed there they wash and iron your clothes, they guarantee you 4 meals a day, infirmary, library, computer room, music room (you just start practicing if you know how to play some instrument), a chapel (something which doesn't interest me at all, but having a kind of church in the collage is nice), etc.

Certainly, all that you create, I know that it gives you tranquility ((peacefulness)) ((there's an abbreviated negative in the original which I think is RS's own typo / editing error. If not, the sentence could be in
Kermit | 12.04.07 - 1:02 pm | #
Certainly, all that you create, I know that it gives you tranquility ((peacefulness)) ((there's an abbreviated negative in the original which I think is RS's own typo / editing error. If not, the sentence could be interpreted just the opposite: in spite of all you create, there's no tranquility.))

Indeed, once you start to study and follow ((attend)) lessons ((classes)), what else do you have to worry about?

Answer: the RECTOR! Damned ball-breakers ((as in testicles)), the rectors who rotate through college are thorns in your nuts. Yes, I am letting off steam, but it's the truth ...

They're always telling you: Move your car, you can't park here! You can't have so much stuff in your room! You haven't signed out before leaving, etc. This is obviously due to the difficulties of administration, but it creates an atmosphere of intolerance which leads to perpetual and conscious hatred. Every time the secretary tells you "move your car!", or "your friend must present a document in order to enter the study rooms" and so many other examples, your chest swells up to curse, like a hot air balloon, and when you are barely out of range of the porter in reception, you let it rip, singing a long prayer about the catastrophes and apocalypses that will befall all the employees, the rector and other bosses, and their respective antecessors who shuffle by ((or some other movement verb – can't find a translation for scandere / scandendoli)) one by one in descending order in relation to the time it takes to achieve the Holy Roman Empire ... ((I didn't quite get this, some Italian blogger smiled at RS's irony in this line. Lost on me)).

After you’ll surely be let-down a bit, but not completely ...
All this atmosphere of calm constructiveness has actually produced some famous persons. Well, yes, a Zelig ((Italian TV show)) comic whose name I don't remember was an Onaosino ((ex-student of a Onaosi college)), and also a Ferrari mechanical engineer was an Onaosino. But whom I proudly hold in most esteem of all of them is the Number 1 Onaosino ... The Monster of Foligno! ((Luigi Chiatti, convicted serial killer)) He was an Onaosino too!

At this point I can only think that in that college, dogs and pigs coincided, and all with a common factor: "depression". In fact, of these three characters, I met one (the engineer) and he lacked a woman (now I don't know how he let it happen, but I don't think being a Ferrari engineer is all that bad), while two guys ((couldn't translate "conticini")) found out that the comic was obsessed by relationships with the other sex, and as for the Monster of Foligno ... well I don't know, but I certainly wouldn't consider him a normal person ...

In the end, I think that being in college you can better manage your goals and achieve your degree ((diploma)) earlier (you don't have other things to think about). All of this is positive until they start getting
Kermit | 12.04.07 - 1:03 pm | #

In the end, I think that being in college you can better manage your goals and achieve your degree ((diploma)) earlier (you don't have other things to think about). All of this is positive until they start getting into your head and seek a valve to breathe, then sooner or later you find yourself at a crossroads that forces you to choose as happened to me: "I continue until exhaustion or do I do an Erasmus project?" Reply: "Erasmus!"

It all began this way and everything was going to finish this way; in the end that's normal. I've enjoyed so much being with thousands of people from all around the world; and yet in the end, I succeeded in bringing home 4 exams (not enough but better than nothing ...)

Would I do it again? Yes, another 100 times, but life is one thing; the Erasmus project is only a dream, pure light; you only have to worry about living but not how to live. That seems a rather ideal society that can not be concretely implemented. When you open your eyes it seems that all that remains was left as it was before ... The problem is that it will never be so, because by now you have changed and you can’t go back; you can only hope to encounter the day of the strongest emotions that have surprised you yet.

For now, you still need to construct in order to fulfill, to repay those who have given you everything without asking for anything in return, to repay those who are still giving to you at the present, in exchange for your company and your smile.

((the following closing, written in German))
Bye Erasmaten ((Erasmus students)), see you soon
I can not forget
Kermit | 12.04.07 - 1:04 pm | #


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PostPosted: Wed Oct 22, 2008 1:07 pm   Post subject: RAFFAELE'S PRISON DIARY   


skeptical bystander wrote:
Nov 7 2007
Dear Papà and big sister mainly and to all those who will read these lines.
I write to you from a cell of isolation damp and cold, there are
peepholes in every angle from where the agents can watch even while
you do tend your needs in the toilet. The bed is made of industrial
sponge, the television cannot be used, the bath is so dirty and I am
requesting that they come and clean it. Today I had an extra blanket
and therefore, at least when I sleep, I stay warm. Outside from the
window there is a reinforced concrete ravine and beyond a clearing
enormous completely empty there is an armed guard atop the sight
tower. Amidst this sad and depressing total panorama, on the horizon
one can see a small mountain house. Fine, that far small house midway
on the plain wrests me a timid smile of hope.
I do not know if it is right that I must pay such for not being able
to focus the moments in the time during 1° the November, but after
this experience, believe me, I will never touch the pipe again in my
life. While I write to you there is a pair Moroccans (presumably) that
they speak a incomprehensible language and they knock on the wall of
my cell. They continue to complain also because they need a dose of
heroin. I do not want to respond, I don't keep us.
I do not know if it is right that I must pay such for not being able
to focus the moments in the time during 1° the November, but after
this experience, believe me, I will never touch the pipe again in my
life. While I write to you there is a pair Moroccans (presumably) that
they speak an incomprehensible language and they knock on the wall of
my cell. They continue to complain also because they need a dose of
heroin. I do not want to respond, I don't keep us.
In police headquarters they tortured to me psychologically, put to me
in shackles and made me strip in front of the scientific, I was even
barefoot. I'm not even able to offer guilt, given my deep fu**ing
stupidity for the fact that I smoke cannabis I even forget what I have
eaten and also for that I carry behind a knife to nock the tables and
the trees and I carry it so often that I brought it also to the police
headquarters. I write to you the reconstruction of the facts. We leave
from 31 October, day in which I went to the graduation of Francisco
(...) and stayed at Paolo's house (...) and subsequently I met with
Amanda. I passed the day with her having supper and then she went
downtown with her face painted like a cat. I went out subsequently
painting my face making an abstract figure. I took a stroll downtown
and after I met again with Amanda. From there we returned home right
away and we passed the night watching a film.
In the morning we rose around 10:00-11:00 and I wanted to sleep again,
therefore Amanda went to her house saying that she would wait for to
me to lunch. I caught up with her around 14:00 and Meredith was also
there, that poor girl, she said that she had already eaten. So I
prepared the lunch for us both, she so setting herself to play the
guitar meanwhile Meredith was preparing to go out.
The cute thing that I remember is that Meredith wore a pair of jeans
from man that were her ex-boyfriend's in England. She left hastily
near 16:00 not saying where she was going. Meanwhile Amanda and I
remained there until 18:00 approximately and began to smoke cannabis.
From this moment come my problems, because I have confused memories.
For the first thing Amanda and I had gone downtown from Piazza Grimana
to Corso Vannucci passing behind the university for exchange students
and ending up in Piazza Morlacchi (we always take that road), then I
don't remember but presumably we had to go grocery shopping. We
returned to my house around to the 20:00-20:30 and there I made
another pipe and saw that as it was a holiday, to take myself with
extreme tranquility, without the smallest intention to go out inasmuch
as outside it was cold.
I don't remember in reality at what time I ate, but certainly I ate
and Amanda ate with me. The questions the agents of the Squadra Mobile
me have made me to remember that that day the water pipe under to sink
was detached and thing I find very suspicious, I've seen that it is
not possible to so detach alone, at any rate, the fact is that it
flooded half the house.

I remember that I surfed the Internet for a bit, maybe I watched a
film and then that you had called me at the house or that anyhow you
sent me a goodnight message. I remember that was Thursday, therefore
Amanda had to go to the pub where she usually works, but I don't
remember how much time she was absent and remember that subsequently
she had said to me that the pub was closed (I have strong doubts
regarding the fact that she was absent). I am straining myself to
remember other details but they are all confused. Another thing of
which I can be sure is that Amanda slept with me that night.

The morning Amanda woke up before me and I did not make to raise
myself, therefore I remained to sleep while she went to shower at her
house. I don't remember if I had breakfast before or after Amanda
returned to my house. I don't remember how she was dressed day 1, but
I'm sure that she had changed and had put on the white skirt and her
usual black hiking shoes. She was cleaned up and had brought me a mop
in order to help me to dry the floor around the sink. The evening
before I had put only rags on the floor and they were not enough.
After that I cleaned up the floor and perhaps I made breakfast around
11:30-12:00 I changed clothes and we went out. She meanwhile had
spoken to me about the fact that she had found something strange at
her house. That is that she had found the front door opened, feces in
the bathroom of the Italian girls and blood in their bathroom. While
we came down from Corso Garibaldi she expressively demanded that I go
to see in her house what had happened. The investigators have asked me
if she had said to report something but (unfortunately I now say) it's
not like that: all of which I have said I have made of my spontaneous

As soon as we arrived in the house I put aside the mop in the entrance
and I directed myself towards the other rooms in order to see what the
devil had happened. Those moments I remember well because I was shaken
and alarmed. I seem to have seen that Amanda had taken the mop bucket
and it carried it in to another room (from the text not shown, but
evidently the mop had been brought back to house of Meredith and
Amanda). The first thing I noticed was that the room of Filomena
(called Molli) had the door wide open. Ah, I forgot, Amanda had opened
the house with the keys (that I have repeatedly asked myself inasmuch
as she had said to me that she had found the entrance door wide open
when she entered before). We saw that Filomena's bedroom was in
completely disorder: broken glass on the floor and the room upside
down, it was an absurd mess. The window was broken on the left side
and was open. Going forward, I noticed that Meredith's room was closed
and locked and that in the bathroom there were stains of blood on the
sink and the floormat and the rest of the bathroom was clean. The
stains on the mat were diluted by water. Turning around I thought to
access Meredith's room by window and tried to find where, after I
discovered that the only access to the window was unthinkable heights,
and therefore I had to rethink. Meanwhile Amanda was trying to enter
the window bypassing the railing and I stopped, since her climbing
wanting to try to do something that according to me is absurd. She
then tried to knock on the door repeatedly shouting Meredith's name
(the door of the room, of course) because she thought that Meredith
was sleeping.

Meanwhile loitering at the house and counseling Amanda to call friends
Filomena, Laura, Meredith. And so, after that she did, she told me
that Laura was in Viterbo, Filomena was with her boyfriend and would
come later and finally Meredith did not respond. We took a turn around
the house and Amanda is terrified and jumps on me because she tells me
that in the toilet there was no more shit because presumably before,
when she was taking a shower, had seen in the bathroom there was a
shit and nobody had pulled the water. I face and look within the
reflection in the water and not see the shit give for good what Amanda
said to me.

In the end I think that the only thing to do is kick in the door of
Meredith's room. We try, but I don't succeed, then I call the cell of
my sister and she tells me to call 112. I call and leave the name of
Amanda as the address and try to explain briefly the situation. They
say that I would have to call again. We pause to wait outside and
suddenly there are two types who tell us to be the postal police
seeking Filomena, as they had found two mobile phones and a number
belonged to Filomena. For Amanda comes to mind that these phones were
Meredith's and I ask the police to break the door.

Initially, the police refused to violate privacy, but after Filomena
arrived, her boyfriend and their respective friends, he was convinced
to break in the door. While they were looking at what was inside they
began to shout: «Oh God A foot! Blood!». And they ran terrified. At
which point I moved away and took Amanda and brought her away. We
stopped outside from there and the mess.

Initially, the police refused to violate privacy, but after Filomena
arrived, her boyfriend and their respective friends, he was convinced
to break in the door. While they were looking at what was inside they
began to shout: «Oh God A foot! Blood!». And they ran terrified. At
which point I moved away and took Amanda and brought her away. We
stopped outside from there and the mess.

Today the court questioned me and said that I gave three different
statements, but the only difference that I find is that I said that
Amanda brought me to say crap in the second version, and that was to
go out at the bar where she worked, Le Chic. But I do not remember
exactly whether she went out or less to go to the pub and as a
consequence I do not remember how long she was absent. What is all my
difficulty? I do not remember this, for them, important detail,
therefore I don't break and we're investigating her. I tried to help
in the investigation trying to remember and now I've brought myself to
this place, better I did nothing and limit myself to say that I
remained at my house and I would be spared so much unrest. We speak of
something other that is better ...

Perhaps tomorrow we will see, at least so said Tiziano (Germans,
lawyers, ndr), who I saw today and has defended me in front of the
judge. At least I am glad for that. Today I have had removed the total
censorship, and I can watch TV ... At least time passes because I can
do practically nothing. But, apart from the usual cartoons, I am
bored. At this moment I think of Vanessa (his sister, ndr), I would
like to read you this letter. I am very sorry for all this mess and to
have involved you indirectly for your position (sub carabinieri,
editor's note): I can not imagine what is going on now. I am so sorry,
Vane, I did not want you to find yourself in this situation, I pray
you forgive me. I want so much good for you. Now I can say that I
understand what it means to take a walk in hell and I pray to God that
nothing more happens to me, on the contrary I hope for the good heart
of the court. Those of the squadra mobile, that god would strike with
lightning! ... No joke, but it is difficult to be sympathetic after
all that I went through. They want to paint me as the genius of
computer crime ... But, ah ah ah, a certain genius that you find in
the police station with the shoes with which he committed the crime
and with the knife with which he cut the throat of the victim in his
pocket ... A genius! Not to say a true Einstein! (Raffaele curses
against police). And should I strain to help them? Enough, better to
stay calm. Now I go to sleep, I hope to see you soon. A very strong

Nov 11 2007
I woke not long ago. Yesterday I saw my father, uncle Giuseppe and
Mara. I am glad that my father is close to me and also uncle I didn't
expect that he would come, I was very pleased. I was given the clean
clothes, and I did not understand that outside there were all of my
party. All this gives me great strength. Instead I had information
that on the morning of Friday, when I was sleeping and Amanda went to
take a shower at her home, she had gone also with an Argentinian guy
... I suppose, in a laundry and that this here wedged in the washing
machine the clothes including the blue Nike shoes ...

All this makes me totally lose faith in Amanda after she continues to
lie ... I want to say, I don't know much, but although she doesn't
seem to me at all capable of killing, someone who can be capable of
telling lies to hide the fact that she's in rapport with people not
very recommendable. Indeed, I begin to think that she cheated on me
and he hid the impossible. But who doesn't cheat, I am sincere and
won't ever do such a thing because I won't lower myself to a certain
pettiness; if I am with a person who says they like me and I don want
to go on, I change. There is no need of escapades, I do not like to
lie, either to myself or to others.

I made friends with a nice Romanian that helped me the first day
insofar as I had no soap, bags for the garbage, etc.. A good guy, I
would say, given the helpfulness. Then I hear that he tried to do a
robbery and had a turn of prostitution. And I ponder how a man can do
certain absurd crap and maybe change, perhaps, I hope. Then the other
day a guard, while attending me in my cell, asked me, "Do you like
life in prison?". And I turn with anger in my heart, which I don't
show if not with my look, and in my mind I thought: 'This guy wants to
take me for the (fondelli??). Therefore I respond "yes, of course, c.
..!!!» to tell him to quit it. But he remains silent, and then he
tells me: 'So for you it's not bad, the life here. And I: 'Look I
intended the contrary. But you really would like to say that there
exists someone who likes life in prison? ". And he "Yes, certainly.

At that point all my thoughts and certainties collapse like a pyramid
of cards made badly and I it comes to mind that there exist people who
don't have even a house and food. And the response "But you mean
people who don't have a house? And he: "Yes". And I: "Excuse me
greatly" And he: "No, I appeared, it is I who didn't explain myself
well, I didn't want to taunt you.

This brief discussion opened my eyes. I used to habitually always have
a clean house, the heater so hot when it's cold, a warm bed, a
fabulous car, eating the best of the best, have the highest
performance computer on the market and a family that loves me ...There
are people who have nothing. And a filthy foam bed of sponge messy, a
tiny bathroom with the smallest amount of hot water, a heater that
works only a few hours a day, two blankets, a television of 13'' and
something to eat, it may be true gold that cola...

I sought and seek to return my life to that which was given to me, but
I realize that it is never enough and I still have to work hard to do
something for others and for myself. For the moment I pass the time
trying to talk to doctors, psychologists, educators, guards, captains,
even with the psychiatrist (not a bad sort) and I then watch
television and write, I want to start reading ... I want a computer
...if only ... The maximum would be a portable playstation or nintendo
... Yeah, sure, if I'm allowed to use a thing of its kind in prison
would say that Italy is the fruit!

Those days, I was very anxious and nervous, but to see my father who
tells me "don't worry yourself, we'll pull you out" makes me stay
better. My real concerns now are two: one derives from the fact that
if Amanda that night remained all night with me could (and is an
extremely remote possibility) to have made love the whole evening and
night only stopping to eat ... A fine mess because there are no links
to other servers in those hours on my computer ... The second is that
Amanda stole the knife from me to give to the son of a bitch that
killed Meredith ... This hypothesis is a bit of science fiction, but
possible, ...therefore I am troubled. They say that on the knife there
are no traces of blood, so I am much more relaxed ... I cannot wait
for the scientific results from Rome.

Nov 12 2007
The facts are taking their course and slowly I am realizing that
according to the fact which you, dad, that night sent me a message of
'goodnight' and also for the fact that the first statement made by me
saying that Amanda was all the night with me, I must say that 90% I
said the fat cavolata [cavolo = cabbage... garbage/crap?] in my second
statement. And that is:
1 that Amanda brought me to say something stupid and I have repeated
that over and over again in the court of the squadra mobile;
2 reconstructing I am realizing that Amanda was actually very likely
with me all night, never leaving. And I certainly wouldn't mind to
help in the investigation and put freely in all the troubles. Indeed,
for me it would be fabulous if Amanda had done nothing, as it becomes
impossible to find whatever trace on my shoes and my knife and this
story will have a happy ending for me and for you ...

You say that it is not a happy ending for Meredith. But in these
moments it comes to me to be a little selfish insofar as, the mistake
isn't mine, but the problem is that they still haven't found a
solution to the case ... I'm accountable that if we all ended up in
jail it is also the fault of my light regard to the facts of that
evening and also that we smoked (Amanda and I) several joints. And I'm
so sorry. As soon as I'm out I want to make my biggest apologies
cordially to the parents of Amanda, who are totally destroyed and
devastated. I'm sorriest for all that , forgive me papà and forgive me
Vanessa, I have lived with extreme lightness a situation that I could
not believe real, I would have never believed and I can't forgive
myself for that.

I am trying to kill time and in the meanwhile I hear the voices and
shouts of jailbirds playing pinball, I suppose, although I have never
seen. I listen and think, I think deeply of all that has happened to
me and around me ... My brain these days seems to me an unstoppable
machine that seeks to reconnect and imagine ... Then I stop myself to
not go crazy and I think of my friends who are out there and of what
they think ...
I think my brothers from Giovinazzo (giovinezza means youth or boyhood
but this is capitalized so I believe it's the name of a school?) who
will worry and I think of Vito ... who will be suffering greatly, I
think then of the friends from college who will be thinking "that
crazy has fixed himself in an absurd story" I think of my companions
from university, Tozzo, Urte, Riccardo, Lucio, in particular the first
two will say "who knows what he will say to recover in a mess like

I think of my companions from training who will all be upset ... I
think and feel I'm in fault ... I am paying for my superficiality.
This time will mean that I will pay in full.

Nov 13 2007
Today is Tuesday and I saw dad and Mara. You, big sister, I know you
are having a few export problems with export I am truly very sorry.
Meanwhile today I was marked by the fact that I have so many friends
who are all with me. I am flattered and above all feel in my heart
that my brothers are with me more than anyone else. I have an immense
fortune to have friends who are brothers like them. I think first of
all to you, Francè, I knew that you have declared that you are my
brother and I want to tell you that I feel what you try and what they
try also the others: Corrado, Raffaele, Xavier, Gianfranco (vabbè, he
I imagine quite passive as always), Marian (who is in Shanghai), Milko
(who certainly will be thinking that certain things only happen to
me), Claudia, Valeria (don't think that your life is less interesting
than mine that only I return cast a headline that you faint) ... But
what is it? I said something wrong? Want to analyze my attitude
criminal by this sentence?
Enough! You have turned on my blog like a sock for nothing!

I say...I think of Paolo who is in Milan to think who knows what
happens and he stays, rather, he is already graduated. I want to be so
too, Paolo, and celebrate with you these idyllic moments. I also Erica
'little crispy' and Francesca my joy, Clelia and all Piazza Porta. The
magnum of Piazza Porta ... I think of Angela, Micaela, Annamaria and
all my companions from middle and high school, all shocked. I think
also that Ana and Marta who are dying of heartbreak poor girls and
also of Fabri, Fili, Boc, Veronica, Valentina, Chiara 1, Clare 2, the
mythical Pasquale (don't unpack yourself too much, see what happens),
Guido of Roma, Guido of Pisa (this time they put me in a cage),
Robertino, Alessandra, Enrico and our aerospace engineer) and all of
the friends from Erasmus (another place?) who have seen and are my
neighbors, who have known me and know that a characteristic of mine,
which some time can be a fault, is my total inability to do evil.

And it is precisely here that are created the various levels of my
personality, that tries in every way to defend carrying a knife in his
pocket and sacrificing so many years to learn and risk in a sport like
kickboxing. My personality is a combination of many weights and
measures adopted to find tranquility and peace in everyday life made
of small battles and conquests. These days, and even weeks ago, I
realized that the continued closeness to Amanda is the ...prison they
have made me lose totally my daily dedication to prayer, which,
although I did them sometimes in this period, it wasn't so ... as
usual ... The problem is not that I've lost faith, but that one ... of
facts and changes have taken assault on my life and I found myself
totally unprepared and lost in a context that I believe outside of

The reality is that my life now is changed forever and there is no way
to go back: I can only pick up the lost pieces, reattach them and make
a puzzle ... At heart, not all the evil come to harm, we must collect
the good parts from each thing otherwise to live becomes impossible.

Nov 16 2007
Last night I saw on television that the knife that I had at home (the
one from the kitchen) has traces of Meredith and Amanda (latent) ...
my heart jumped in my throat and I was in total panic because I
thought that Amanda had killed Meredith or had helped someone in the
enterprise. But today I saw Tiziano who calmed me down: he told me
that the knife could not have been the murder weapon, according to the
legal doctor, and has nothing to do with anything as Amanda could take
it and and carry it from my house to her house because the girls
didn't have knife so, they are making a smokescreen for nothing ... I
live in a reality show nightmare, the 'nightmare reality show'.

I am starting to have perpetual panic attacks and palpitations due to
...in the anticipation of these scientific tests that fire shots
unsettling of this sort... Oh God, it is not their fault but of the...
who take everything that they can involve in this story.
I want to think about other things, think of my friends who are close
to me and think of fathers in these moments that will stay very badly
and will be worried and I am very sorry. I do not know what to do.
Please Jesus give me the strength and reason to deal with this
situation and I pray to support also dad who is sustaining an absurd

Nov 18 2007
they are keeping me in jail because there is a kitchen knife with a
trace of Meredith's DNA. It seems like a horror movie ... Looking back
and remembering it came to mind that the night dad sent me an sms
message of goodnight to be indiscreet (knowing that I was with
Amanda), then the day after Amanda repeated to me that if she had not
been with me at this time she would be dead. Thinking and
reconstructing, it seems to me that she always remained with me, the
only thing I do not remember exactly is when she left in the early
evening for a few minutes.

I am convinced that she could not have killed Meredith and then return
home. The fact that there is Meredith's DNA on the kitchen is because
once while cooking together, I shifted myself in the house handling
the knife, I had the point on her hand, and immediately after I
apologized but she had nothing done to her. So the only real
explanation of the kitchen knife is this.

I am not quiet because if they have found a trace so ridiculous they
can find many so many others on the rags and so on ... What a
nightmare! They should first of all show that the knife is indeed the
weapon of the crime: knife, type of cut, the obvious traces on the
blade, etc.. Then if they want to find invisible traces of Meredith in
my house, find some in the streams of this passage! There must be a
divine justice to all this! I continue to wake up in the morning with
accusatory faces that fix me as a murderer ...

What an absurd story, all ready to point the finger when nothing is
known yet. I hope that my father is well, and also all those who watch
this absurd event. I hope the real truth comes to surface. None of the
three enters! I have read in the newspapers that this story is taking
an enormous media dimension and all that scares me a lot, because if
they don't have the hit act it becomes impossible to calm them ... The
delusion of the mass, the money will be payed back to Patrick, to me
and to Amanda ...

Oh God, oh God, what a mess! They don't understand anything! Who and
what have stuck me in this story? Somewhat I have put of my own, but
now it is too much.
They call me to the infirmary and I read on the record that they
diagnosed me a few days ago for panic attacks and I had to be
reviewed. Both Amanda and Patrick are calm, and so this reassures me:
if neither of the two had done anything I figured! So we must have
patience. I am very pleased to talk with the (female) doctors (some
job titles are neutral, this one isn't) or social workers or the
pastor or (female) psychologist, they are very friendly and willing to
talk, it comforts me a lot. I am not liked to talk with the deputy
commander because he continues to investigate and to show me what can
happen if I don't tell the truth. We do not talk anymore.

I continue to watch TV and the morning, when I wake up, do exercises
to keep in shape. What else can I do? ... I write ... There is a girl
in France who has killed a guy she knew one evening inspired by the
tragedy of Perugia: The girl is crazy. We are all mad! Here it seems
to me I live in a comedy-reality-horror-show blowout by Big Brother.
That is the worst of the worst! The guards are kind, at least some,
not all, already it is impossible to change the minds of everyone ...

Nov 19 2007
Today I did exercises as always, I keep it in shape for not
accasciarmi and smollarmi physically; already food sucks and I am
losing a little appetite, but I hope that the truth will soon become
clear, and I could leave the prison. I spoke with a trainee (female)
teacher and there was nothing wrong. Maybe I should not think that
they are accusing me of being an accomplice to rape+murder ...But to
something cute I have to also think, sorry! She has a beautiful smile
with curly blond hair, I was very pleased that she smiled at every
joke that I made.

I seemed to receive a gust of spring air in a huge room dark and cold.
Already the prison is not a nice experience, above all because the
first times they slam me in cell isolation closed and locked with a
thread of light that passed through the window, for hours without
having the slightest sign that anyone could know that you are there,
not a sound, not a hiss, just the squeak of your shoes on a floor full
of dust and cockroaches and you that pass the time walking up and down
scared and you think, you think for so so long, you sit, look through
the cracks of the window and pray that the truth comes out, searching
to remember ...

They stuck me in prison because I do not remember exactly the events
of that day, I have confused memories. Meanwhile outside I watch the
clouds and begin to pretend to draw the sky looking for an answer to
me, this life, destiny, it seems all so mysterious, imperceptible,
like a point of light intense in a tunnel completely obscure... I
follow the light, the hope, no, that I won't lose ever; my life does
not end here; my destiny I follow until the bottom ... There's someone
that watches me and moves the threads of a destiny determined by my

There's mama, there's Jesus; what a crazy world here on earth, what
say you Jesus? You have been crucified because you have done a lot
more than what you had to for others, well, you know how I think?
Better to give a little less but survive... Excuse me for you the
speech is different seen that you saved us from sin, but sometimes I
wonder if it was worth it. I have received letters from Corrado and
family and it was made me very happy also another from Mimmo and
Paola. They support me very closely, I am very happy. Now all the
inmates greet me with a smile, I do not know whether it is because
they have realized that I have not done anything or because I have
their confidence.

Nov 20 2007
(Raffaele opens the page diary on November 20 with a conviction for
him decisive) today finally they have taken the real murderer of this
story from beyond belief. It is an Ivorian of 22 years, they have
found him in Germany. Papa I saw happy and smiling, but I for the
moment am not calm 100% because I fear that he will invent strange
things. There is the cook of the canteen who is black and kindly asked
me why I am not released. Well the reason is simple: there are my
footprints by the house and therefore from this story can always get
out coups de theatre: don't support them! Like Meredith's DNA on the
kitchen knife from my house. It comes to me, the tachicardia (medical
condition, heart beating too fast) and I remain unwell. It makes me
happy that I have many supporters everywhere. I await with patience my
future; at times it frightens me, we know who could really expect
anything. Life is a road long and dark , but I haven't lost hope.
After the storm there is the rainbow. Strength Raf! One of the
giovinazzesi; one of them, one of them!

Nov 23 2007
Today I have changed cells. I spent a lot of time cleaning from top to
bottom and I am also a bit nauseous from the conditions in which they
had left it. I re-encountered the policeman that I had that
conversation about whether I liked life in prison and we joked a bit
on the fact that there are peepholes of cells that have a cover and I
wondered why. Then he with air of the series "Who if is ever asked,"
he tells me: "I don't have a faint idea; that I don't cheat!" (that
section I didn't get...)

And I think there a bit and find the solution! They don't want other
inmates passing looking through the peephole. Consequently I tell him
smiling: "Could it be that I have to tell you something useful?". He:
"I do not care at all." Meanwhile I ask him: "If you tell me your name
to quote you, as I have already talked of our discussion and become
famous". He "No, absolutely no interest to me really, "you don't hold
us". And I kept thinking: 'Well, in fact, if I become famous it is not
for a likeable deed, on the contrary, a tragedy and that is very sad.
Already in order to be famous? All look at you and judge you and turn
your life like a sock ass backwards and they even accuse you if you
breathe too slowly. Better give up, do not look to the success, money,
but spend a quiet life without stress and suffering, to me it applies
not just punishment.


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PostPosted: Thu Oct 23, 2008 7:55 pm   Post subject: RAFFAELE'S PRISON LETTERS   


As reported on Sky News 3:04pm UK, Thursday October 23, 2008, by Nick Pisa:

Sky News

Nick Pisa for Sky News wrote:
Kercher Suspect's Prison Letters

Meredith Kercher murder suspect Rafael Sollecito has written dozens of letters from his prison cell protesting his innocence and claiming he and the British student were both victims.

The letters emerged just hours before his high profile legal team begin their defence of the 24-year-old, who is jointly accused with his former girlfriend Amanda Knox and Rudy Guede.

In the letters to a monthly magazine published in his home town in Italy he also complains of how he has had to spend a year in prison when "others who slaughter their families don't spend a day behind bars".

In one, Sollecito writes: "There is a day in the life of everyone, in which your destiny is decided. It happened to Meredith and it happened to me and it will happen to all of us.

"On that day a door will open behind us which will be either paradise or hell, misfortune or joy, death or the start of a new life, pain or a new dream and from that moment whatever way it goes for good or bad, nothing will be the same."

In another he said: "I ask myself how justice works. There are people who have killed their families and then through psychiatric reports get away without spending a day in jail, while I (and I am not alone) who is innocent until proven otherwise have an absurd limitation of freedom which not even a condemned man would have."

Few of the letters mention Meredith - found semi-naked with her throat slashed in the bedroom of her student digs last November - and in many he complains of his treatment.

He writes: "I want you to just reflect on something for a minute. Think for one minute the situation I am living in, you meet a girl at a concert, she lives with friends and from that day you go out with each other, you have beautiful days together.

"What more could you ask for from life? Then one morning you go to the house where she lives and you find a huge mess. That's where your problems start, the police arrive, break down the door and find the lifeless body of her friend.

"From that moment they suspect everyone and everything so you try and help and then you fall into the trap that you have helped mould with your own hands."

From The Daily Telegraph, 6:12PM BST 23 Oct 2008:

The Daily Telegraph

The Daily Telegraph wrote:
Meredith Kercher murder: Raffaele Sollecito protests his innocence

In a series of letters, written to a monthly magazine in his hometown of Bari in southern Italy, Mr Sollecito said the pain he carried as a result of Miss Kercher's brutal killing was "indescribable" and something that he would not wish on anyone.

"Think for a moment of being in my situation. You meet a girl at a concert and from that day you see her all the time, you spend peaceful days together and you have lunch with her and her friends. You cannot ask more from life!," Sollecito wrote in May.

"Then one morning you return to the house where she lives to find a terrible scene. And then the problems start. The police come, smashing down the locked door of a bedroom and finding the lifeless body of one of her friends.

"From that point on they suspect everyone and that obviously includes you. And you, thinking that you should cooperate, fall into a trap by your own hand."

In July Sollecito wrote of his angst over Miss Kercher's death and what he regards as his unjust treatment by the Italian judicial system.

"The pain that I carry in my heart and on my shoulders is indescribable, but despite everything I have not changed –I just have less trust in other people, that's all. My heart is wounded and bleeding but sooner or later the wounds will heal.

"It's well said that no one has the right to judge, only God. Unfortunately there are blind people who can't see beyond the end of their noses. Luckily not everyone is like this."
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Raffaele Sollecito wrote:
Name : Raffaele Sollecito

Gender : Male

Age : 24

Nationality : Italian

Location : Perugia (PG), Italy (Home)

Share RaffaSollecito's Profile


RaffaSollecito's Details

Eye Colour Green

Hair Colour Blonde

Build Athletic

Height 5' 10' (178 cm)

Occupation Student

Education College

Religion Christianity

Ethnic Origin Mediterranean

RaffaSollecito's Favorites

Film Hamlet

Type of music relax

Song sweet dreams

Band/Group Not specified yet

Person Not specified yet

Quote Not specified yet

Place to party Not specified yet

Place to relax on the beach

Place to holiday jamaica

Book mangas

Sport kickboxing

Personal Note

I'm very honest, peaceable, sweet but sometimes totally creazy :D

RaffaSollecito's Interests


Arts & Crafts

Coffee & Chat



Music & Concerts



Wine tasting





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PostPosted: Sun Nov 02, 2008 10:10 pm   Post subject: RAFFAELE'S BLOG   


The following is Raffaele's blog, or at least, part of it. The intro is written by the mirror creator. Until we get it translated properly for you, the first is a 'Google' translation, whilst I have also copied the original Italian below it:

Mirror Creator wrote:
A CLIP FROM BLOG OF Raffaele Sollecito - Indicted edell'uccisione rape of British girl in Perugia
On his blog Raffaele Sollecito, boyfriend of the party of Meredith, Amanda Knox (20 years), had written a few posts on his travels (and its vicissitudes with the grass), but had published some pictures that with hindsight of then are even more macabre than it actually wanted to be. Here's one of his posts:

Raffaele Sollecito wrote:
I refer to Aug. 4. I woke up as usual ... too late! And with my usual slow. After studying during the day, the evening comes to visit me Faouzi, the Tunisian friendly neighbor my room, saying: "I have a surprise for you!". I then without even thinking about it more than half a second, to understand and take flight tobacco cartine, etc.. then I say "tonight is the birthday of nico, nn can do so later ...". Meanwhile Filippo on messenger told me that you were waiting shower. I obviously answer: either you move or attack you! It is not "story" My! ... arrived at, Alex arrives in my room on the fly and immediately Faouzi says: "Let us make another!" and I: "ok ..." Meanwhile, I thought: 'you're doing later: there is the birthday of nico where now have eaten everything and I expect fabrizio home ...!"; seeing eyes of enthusiasts filippo I said,' let's leave vabbè, fabrizio to send a message to ...".

After Alex has forced me to do the discourteous as frigates and if they continued to talk with Faouzi that in tunisia speak both French Tunisian (say, you can take a speech of more than half an hour on this issue?. .. I think Alex is capable only) finally leave my double room (my get cooking is in Bulgaria! Freedom!) And we are approaching a house fabri, when at one point fil me: "I am cold I must take the jacket. " It was indeed cold (this time of shit in germany!), But you could have thought of that before nn? Fabri apsetta us ... vabbè we go over to his house to take the flight jacket and finally we are at home to fabri.

For several days fabri received visits, a friend from France, which nn has much to do and has failed to find a monaco, a tipa Blonde, magrolina, cute (with all these "ina" it seems that I am describing a soft toy) to Aurèlia name. Now one could think from my description that it was a very sweet tipa ... quite the opposite! It was a girl deviant! Make certain things that one tipa nn so we'll never expect. From premise: You speak little German and French course. While talking about the cock, fabri me: "do you want one? I had a gift from my neighbor ..." I place on the table a lot of the nearby grass, flowers all ... fil then I look with our eyes and a sweet smile from deficient as to say, "but it looks a little, we now fun! son happy."

Meanwhile, as I soon to launch towards the table, fabri says, "but you try it for Aurelia, she is good!" and I, "why not? want to see how the French do." Have not ever said! In that moment I knew nn who I was to do and especially nn never would have bet a cent on what I had seen ... She quiet, sits down, opens the map and time that I say around a Cazzato to fabri had already made it! Sbricciolandolo too bad, spreading some flowers here and there without shredding for good and then a little tobacco. In practice had an almost liquid manure!

When I, "but you are mad! Want to give us so good? We must still go out ..." and her: "Come on! Why is all, I in France I was 5 a day like this!" Suddenly I had an emotional shock, and in my head rimbombavano his words with the echo: "NON E 'BOTH! NOT' BOTH! NOT 'BOTH! NOT' BOTH! NOT 'BOTH! NOT' BOTH! NOT 'SO ... " When the meantime, I slowly recovered from the risk of collapse, without thinking much esclamai: "But after that you will do well 5, you do? Heavily to the ground?" obviously playful tone ... she then hardened, becomes suddenly serious, almost as if I had offended and says: "maybe read or study ..."

At that point I would say between me and me: No more say anything now, that everything that I can only worsen the situation. And I start to think ... fil as saying: "XXXXXXXXXXXXXX" ... "We put a study after 5 trumpets of that kind? Yes, maybe while you study history see Alexander the Great to get a horse of a pure black blood in your room, next to the bed and maybe mountains on horseback with him and make a lap on the moon ... but! That is, say there are two possibilities: either I said a huge cocks for making impression (and if so struck in full) or whether what he says is true to say that behind the face by angioletto there is a demon came directly dall'inferno Jamaican, even begin to think that France is a colony of Jamaica (colonized without wars of course). "

At the end I concluded: "There are things that only a captain nos me and never will understand the ..." After everything look fil with indifferent expression as if to say: "and the birthday party?" and he just turns with those rossissimi eyes, the smile and his printed speech that said clearly: "xxxxxxxxx" I had already learned that from there onwards nn could have been serious talk ... and as I was expecting good start with his speeches: "I feel very well be at peace with myself and with the world ..." and I thought: "I understand fil, always tell when smoke, do nn hallucination that I do feel guilty ..." is because if someone knows nn so well, it feels, say, "but that happened? Maybe he drank too much ... or maybe tried a trip and remained there under (nn say I know )..."

I do not even time to think everything meters in a meet her friend (never seen in my life) and that I began to think: "Oh shit! Now he will continue to laugh as a Beotia while she speaks and in the end will understand nn a cock, and you remain so badly ... " so it was! Phil back to me and tells me: "What the fuck did he say? Nn I remember nothing! And continued to laugh and I thought:" I knew it! I knew it! I knew it! " and the subheading hint of Accommodating a sign: "eh you! is always the case." After wrong road two or three times fil finally has a flash of genius and called paul ... Meanwhile ask a passer who bought cigarettes at the pump: "Excuse me, where is hessstrasse?" and find joy with the passing knew better than Paul and put together fil ...

Come to my party begins disaster ... I greet all, I wish to nico and find all Spaniards remained at Monaco ... Parentheses: It remains a casino here! It will be nice monaco for charity, but there is a time of shit in comparison to Spain! How do they do?! There are 12 degrees, and it rains on August 6! Vabbè ... De Gustibus not disputandum est ... (sorry Latin square type parsley, I also incorrect ...) At some point I was approached by a Spanish they are companion course at university and I said that the results came in "verteilt Anwendungen" (open systems and distributed) and that he has spent the nn then went to talk to the prof saying that was a erasmus and prof. with all the kindness he replied: nn can distinguish students == Prenditelo her anus and back in Spain as soon as possible!

When starting to salirmi the chills behind his back, I start to be seriously ill, I think "fuck, where nn I spent my life is over! Take the same exam consists of written and oral project, only written here! the discount is 3 to 1 in seasonal sales! nn nn can pass it ... and then images Dad ... you cut the ball ... as I said earlier this erasmus when I did the question: which is your father? and I: cut-cocks! (drunk ...)... now lost me the size seriously! and then I can also say goodbye to holidays (vabbè the end I had vacation for a year) " Then I begin to go head and try a computer on which see the results because nn could stay quiet ... after so many laps Paul accompanies me in a WG (house in town full of students) where there were guys who were there drinking and a computer connected to the network ... Paul asks kindly if we find out the results (paul great!) and I start to say 'ok, if I spent all offer a beer! " scaramanzia for a bit, a little bit because I was cagando in hand with fear!

I go, I see a hurry, checking my freshman ... suddenly I see all black ... my dreams and my life are covered with a black ink that tarnish every color ... fall was the paranoia! Monday I have another examination and had already had the news that a past I nn ... Meanwhile my father had called me first, saying he wanted to know the results of my review ... I had to call him now! Paul (great) are sorry, brings me down to the bar and offers me a beer and then says: "Watch what we want to dance with you!" and I "at the moment only dance with him" HIM = a Spanish boy, gay, madrid of which is fixed with my seat, I did do a lap on myself by saying that this could see what was my big cock (equation is knowing how much air I moved with my pelvis, knowing the mass of my pelvis ... I thought), one day tells me that he speaks very fast but I am speaking as if I have a cock in the mouth! and last night that I saw him trying to convince me saying that the whole world wants me to be gay, because all I want to touch the ass ...

At the end I concluded: "There are things that only a captain nos me and never will understand the ..." The fact is that I was going to fall into acute depression, then led by fil that if they wanted to go because nn understanding was an emeritus cock and went around like a pigeon looking for soft part of bread, decides to start because it stops at paul speak with a Blonde and fil thought they wanted to be alone when she was just a movie and it was the best film ahead ... While greeted everyone, meeting a nice old man who was the holiday home of diana ('s love fil) who kindly asks me if something was green.

He practically is the husband of the sister of Toki (TUM organizer, black almond eyes that when I met told me that was to Arezzo! Yes, yes, the typical arezzese! I thought). The sister of Toki I have between 25 and 30 years but he was 50th among the 60, because I thought that the beginning was the father Toki ... Then I discovered instead was that the husband of his sister ... will have special gifts or hidden ... him: "What are you doing here in Monaco?" and I: "The Erasmus!" and he said: "Bello, I unfortunately I had not ever want to study!" and I: "I even !"... the greatest Cazzato told me that they realized soon after and I was going to burst a laugh when he says: "vabbè but at least you do ..." and then I fell all the post ironic, because it was right to sell even if I do badly.

I think the man who remember forever. That night I knew that the home of Diana, there was a basket of fruit on the table near the kitchen and in the middle of the fruit was a vegetable that Stone in the midst of so much fruit: a whole turnip! At some point while you drank beer, and Cazzate said, the nice old man take the turnip in his hand and says: "One time we used the turnip for fumarci inside cut in half" when I remained enchanted, full of wonder and I thought: " nonnette the cabbage! has made street ... the ancestors are always the best "then I was in reflective pause and I said:" My grandfather nn I could tell this instead as if the deal went to war? not that the No war is not at all interesting, but I spoke nn other ... " At the end I concluded: "There are things that only a captain nos me and never will understand the ..."

The fact is that eventually he was paul the great idea to take the turnip and put the butt of fil while sleeping (fil was tired) ... No one knows when that fuck do you invent everything to pass the time and put a turnip in the ass fil of the game was more interesting that could come to mind to a group of students in another house after a couple of beers ... I follow paolo interested in the game when at a certain point you see diana front of the door fil with a sweet squardo a typical Spanish, which prevented us from entering.

Then what do you want? That look makes you feel a perfect imbecile! Why we were! Imagine how Paul must have heard ... with a turnip in hand intention to pierce fil and before him a sweet girl that blocked the road ... I then would have said 'sorry, forgive me for, if you will, I cut the veins and die slowly in front of the chamber fil. " In fact, after Paul told fil when you woke up: "A kind of girl I marry me ... it makes you sleep while the guard to stop a group of poor imbeciles who wanted to get a joke." Returning to the birthday party. After greeting everyone I started with the fil m and remain silent and tense from paranoia. Just before we were to stusta fil me: "but you, and fabri Aurèlia stay with him?" I think at that point: "How the hell does a man to think of it right now?" At the end I concluded: "There are things that only a captain nos me and never will understand the ..." and with indignation the tone say: "I know that cock! nn I care nothing!" In fact I had anything for the head: my father! Returning home and greeting fil saying "tomorrow", but "tomorrow" at that time meant "we know that we will see after that death die" because I say to my father that I spent nn examination and he rightly " who the fuck are you doing there? " and I: "nn so that tell you!" Indeed nn so that meant that tell their "nn explain how so absolutely nothing, because nn I still understood why I came to the world ..."( maybe he knows better than me).

I go to bed immediately without even see the e-mail and I fall asleep while praying, I think: "Tomorrow will come another day! (Vasco Rossi)." Indeed arrived too soon! I smoke not as usual: too late! And with my usual slow put me to study. After a bit me the phone rings, my father was: "No go home until nn steps exams! Hello!" and I thought: "... goodbye holidays are now back to real life ... the lifetime of disappointment and suffering, the erasmus is like a picture of a Tibetan monaco: made of sand! After that was done so admire and destroy immediately, because if durasse dippiù nn would be so incredibly beautiful as anything ... "


Mirror Creator wrote:
UN ESTRATTO DAL BLOG DI Raffaele Sollecito - Incriminato dello stupro edell'uccisione della ragazza inglese a Perugia
Sul suo blog Raffaele Sollecito, fidanzato della coinquilina di Meredith, Amanda Knox (20 anni), aveva scritto qualche post sui suoi viaggi (e sulle sue peripezie con l'erba), ma aveva pubblicato alcune foto che col senno del poi risultano ancor più macabre di quello che in realtà volevano essere. Ecco uno dei suoi post:

Raffaele Sollecito wrote:
Mi riferisco al 4 agosto. Mi sono svegliato come sempre... troppo tardi! E con la mia solita lentezza. Dopo aver studiato durante la giornata, la sera, viene a farmi visita Faouzi; il simpatico tunisino mio vicino di stanza, dicendo: "Ho una sorpresa per te!". Io a quel punto senza nemmeno pensarci più di mezzo secondo, capisco al volo e prendo tabacco, cartine, ecc. dopodichè mi dico: "stasera c'è il compleanno di nico, nn posso fare tanto tardi...". Intanto Filippo su messenger mi diceva di aspettare che si stava docciando. Io ovviamente gli rispondo: o ti muovi o ti attacchi! Non è "storia" mia! ...arrivati all'ultimo, arriva filippo in camera mia al volo e subito Faouzi dice: "facciamone un'altra!" e io: "ok..." intanto pensavo: "si sta facendo tardi: c'è il compleanno di nico dove ormai si saranno mangiati tutto e fabrizio mi aspetta a casa sua...!"; vedendo gli occhi entusiasti di filippo mi sono detto: "vabbè lasciamo perdere, a fabrizio gli mando un messaggio...".

Dopo che filippo mi ha costretto a fare lo scortese visto che se ne fregava e continuava a parlare con faouzi del fatto che in tunisia parlano sia francese che tunisino (dico, si può tenere un discorso di più di mezz'ora su questo tema?... secondo me solo filippo è capace) Usciamo finalmente dalla mia cameretta doppia(il mio coinquilino è in Bulgaria! Libertà!) e ci avviamo a casa di fabri, quando ad un certo punto fil mi fa: "mi fa freddo devo prendere la giacca". Si infatti faceva freddo(questo tempo di merda in germania!) , ma nn potevi pensarci prima!? Fabri ci apsetta!... vabbè andiamo sopra a casa sua al volo prendiamo la giacca e siamo finalmente a casa di fabri.

Da qualche giorno fabri ha ricevuto visite; una sua amica dalla francia, che nn ha molto da fare ed è venuta a trovarlo a monaco, una tipa biondina, magrolina, carina (con tutti questi "ina" sembra che sto descrivendo un peluche) di nome Aurèlia. Adesso uno potrebbe pensare dalla mia descrizione che era una tipa molto dolce... assolutamente il contrario! Si è rivelata una ragazza deviante! Fa certe cose che da una tipa così nn te lo aspetteresti mai. Da premettere: lei parla poco tedesco e ovviamente francese. Mentre parlavamo di cazzate, fabri mi fa: "vuoi farne una? Ho avuto un regalo dalla mia vicina..." e mi piazza sul tavolo un bel pò di grass della vicina, tutti fiori... a quel punto fil mi guarda con lo sguardo dolce e un sorriso da deficiente come a dire: "ma guarda un pò, adesso ci divertiamo! son contento!".

Intanto mentre mi accingevo ad avviarmi verso il tavolo, fabri dice: "ma fai provare a farla ad aurèlia, lei è brava!" e io: "perchè no!? voglio vedere come le fanno i francesi". Non l'avessi mai detto! In quel momento nn sapevo con chi mi trovavo a che fare e soprattutto nn avrei scommesso mai un centesimo su quello che avevo visto... Lei tranquilla, si siede, apre la cartina e nel tempo che io mi giro per dire una cazzata a fabri aveva già messo tutto! Sbricciolandolo anche male, spargendo un pò di fiori qua e là senza sminuzzarli per bene e poi un pò di tabacco. In pratica aveva fatto un quasi purino!

Allorchè io: "Ma sei impazzita!? Vuoi darci la buonanotte così? Noi dobbiamo ancora uscire..." e lei: "Ma dai! Nn è tanto! Io in Francia me ne facevo 5 al giorno così!" Improvvisamente ebbi uno shock emotivo, e in testa mi rimbombavano le sue parole con l'eco: "NON E' TANTO! NON E' TANTO! NON E' TANTO! NON E' TANTO! NON E' TANTO! NON E' TANTO! NON E' TANTO..." Quando intanto mi ripresi lentamente dal rischio di collasso, senza pensarci più di tanto esclamai: "Ma dopo che te ne fai 5 così, che fai? Stramazzi al suolo?" ovviamente in tono scherzoso... lei a quel punto si irrigidisce, diventa improvvisamente seria, quasi come se l'avessi offesa e mi fa: "magari leggo o studio..."

A quel punto io dico tra me e me: meglio nn dire niente adesso, che tutto ciò che penso può solo peggiorare la situazione. E comincio a pensare... come direbbe fil: "xxxxxxxxxxxxxx"... "Ti metti a studiare dopo 5 trombe di quel genere!? Si certo, magari mentre studi storia ti vedi arrivare Alessandro Magno a cavallo di un puro sangue nero nella tua stanza, vicino al letto e magari monti a cavallo con lui e vi fate un giro sulla luna... ma dai! Cioè dico ci sono due possibilità: o mi ha detto una grandissima cazzata per fare impressione(e se è così ha colpito in pieno) oppure se quello che dice è vero vuol dire che dietro quel viso da angioletto c'è un demone venuto direttamente dall'inferno giamaicano, anzi comincio a pensare che la francia sia una colonia della giamaica(colonizzata senza guerre ovviamente)".

Alla fine ho concluso: "ci sono cose che capitano solo a me e nn le capirò mai..." Dopo tutto ciò guardo fil con espressione indifferente come a dire: "e la festa di compleanno?" e lui appena si gira con quegli occhi rossissimi, il sorriso stampato e la sua espressione che diceva chiaramente: "xxxxxxxxx" avevo già capito che da lì in poi nn sarebbe stato possibile parlargli seriamente... e come mi aspettavo benissimo comincia con i suoi discorsi: "mi sento benissimo sono in pace con me stesso e con il mondo..." e io pensavo: "ho capito fil, lo dici sempre quando fumi, nn fare l'allucinato che mi fai sentire in colpa..." si perchè se qualcuno che nn conosce tanto bene, lo sente, direbbe: "ma che gli è successo? Magari ha bevuto troppo... o magari ha provato un trip e ci è rimasto sotto(direi io nn conoscendolo)..."

Nemmeno faccio in tempo a pensare tutto ciò che nella metro incontriamo una sua amica(mai vista in vita mia) e io che comincio a pensare: "Oh cazzo! Adesso lui continuerà a ridere come un beota mentre lei parla e alla fine nn avrà capito un cazzo, e lei ci rimarrà anche male..." infatti così fu! Fil torna da me e mi dice: "Ma che cazzo ha detto? Io nn ricordo niente! e continuava a ridere" e io pensavo: "lo sapevo! lo sapevo! lo sapevo!" e gli accenno sottovoce un segno di accondiscendenza: "eh si! è sempre così!". Dopo aver sbagliato strada due o tre volte finalmente fil ha un lampo di genio e chiama paolo... intanto chiedo a una passante che comprava le sigarette al distributore: "mi scusi, dov'è hessstrasse?" e scopro con gioia che la passante lo sapeva meglio di paolo e fil messi insieme...

Arrivati alla festa comincia la mia catastrofe... saluto tutti, faccio gli auguri a nico e trovo tutti gli spagnoli rimasti a monaco... Parentesi: Ne rimangono qua un casino! Sarà bella monaco per carità, ma c'è un tempo di merda in confronto alla Spagna! Come fanno?! Ci sono 12 gradi, piove ed è 6 agosto! Vabbè... de gustibus non disputandum est... (scusate il latinismo piazzato tipo prezzemolo, penso anche scorretto...) Ad un certo punto mi si avvicina uno spagnolo con cui sono compagno di corso all'università e mi dice che sono arrivati i risultati di "Verteilte Anwendungen"(sistemi aperti e distribuiti) e che lui nn l'ha passato; poi era andato a parlare con il prof dicendo che era un erasmus e il prof. con tutta gentilezza gli ha risposto: nn possiamo distinguere gli studenti == Prenditelo nel culo e torna in spagna il prima possibile!

Allorchè cominciano a salirmi i brividi dietro la schiena, comincio a stare male sul serio, penso: "cazzo, se nn l'ho passato la mia vita è finita! in italia lo stesso esame consiste in scritto orale e progetto, qui solo scritto! c'è lo sconto 3 per 1 ai saldi di fine stagione! nn posso nn passarlo... e poi immagini papà... ti taglia le palle!... come dissi all'inizio di questo erasmus quando mi fecero la domanda: che fa tuo padre? e io: il taglia-cazzi!(ubriaco perso...)... adesso me lo taglia sul serio! e poi posso dire anche addio alle vacanze(vabbè alla fine ho fatto vacanza per un anno)" Poi comincio ad andare di testa e cerco un computer sul quale vedere i risultati perchè nn riuscivo a stare tranquillo... dopo tanti giri paolo mi accompagna in un WG(casa in comune piena di studenti) dove c'erano dei tipi che bevevano e avevano lì un computer collegato alla rete... paolo chiede gentilmente se posso vedere i risultati(grande paolo!) e io inizio a dire: "ok, se l'ho passato offro birra a tutti!" un pò per scaramanzia, un pò perchè mi stavo cagando in mano dalla paura!

Vado, vedo di fretta, controllo la mia matricola... improvvisamente vedo tutto nero... i miei sogni e la mia vita vengono ricoperti di un inchiostro nerastro che appanna ogni colore... era caduta la paranoia!! Lunedì ho l'altro esame e già avevo avuto la notizia che uno nn l'ho passato... mio padre intanto mi aveva chiamato prima dicendo che voleva sapere i risultati del mio esame... lo dovevo chiamare adesso!! Paolo(grandissimo) si dispiace, mi porta giù al bar e mi offre una birra e poi dice: "guarda c'è quella che vuole ballare con te!" e io: "in questo momento ballerei solo con LUI" LUI=un ragazzo spagnolo, gay, di madrid che è fissato con il mio sedere, mi fece fare un giro su me stesso dicendo che così riusciva a vedere quanto era grosso il mio cazzo(fa un'equazione sapendo quanta aria ho spostato con il mio bacino, conoscendo la massa del mio bacino... ho pensato); un giorno mi dice che lui parla molto velocemente ma che io parlo come se ho un cazzo in bocca! e l'ultima sera che l'ho visto cerca di convincermi dicendomi che tutto il mondo vuole che io sia gay, perchè tutti mi vogliono toccare il culo...

Alla fine ho concluso: "ci sono cose che capitano solo a me e nn le capirò mai..." Sta di fatto che stavo per cadere in depressione acuta, allora spinto da fil che se ne voleva andare perchè nn stava capendo un emerito cazzo e andava in giro come un piccione in cerca di molliche di pane, decido di avviarmi visto che paolo si ferma a parlare con una biondina e fil pensava che volevano stare da soli mentre lei era solo un'amica e fil si faceva i migliori film in testa... Mentre salutavo tutti, incontro un simpatico vecchietto che era alla festa a casa di diana(l'amore di fil) che mi chiede gentilmente se trovavo qualcosa di verde.

Lui in pratica è il marito della sorella di Toki(organizzatore TUM, nero con gli occhi a mandorla che quando lo conobbi mi disse che era di Arezzo! sì, certo, il tipico arezzese! pensai). La sorella di toki penso abbia tra i 25 e i 30 anni ma lui ne ha tra i 50e i 60, infatti all'inizio pensavo che era il papà di toki... invece poi scoprii che era il marito della sorella... avrà doti particolari o nascoste... lui: "Che fate qui a Monaco?" e io: "L'Erasmus!" e lui: "Bello! Io purtroppo non ho avuto mai voglia di studiare!" e io: "nemmeno io!"... alla grandissima cazzata che avevo detto me ne resi conto subito dopo e stavo per scoppiare a ridere quando lui mi fa: "vabbè ma almeno tu lo fai..." e lì mi cadde tutta la carica ironica, perchè aveva ragione da vendere anche se lo faccio malissimo.

Quell'uomo penso che lo ricorderò per sempre. Quella sera che lo conobbi a casa di diana, c'era una cesta di frutta sul tavolino vicino alla cucina e in mezzo alla frutta c'era un ortaggio che stonava in mezzo a tanta frutta: una rapa intera! Ad un certo punto mentre si beveva birra e si dicevano cazzate, il simpatico vecchietto prendere la rapa in mano e dice: "Un tempo si usava la rapa per fumarci dentro tagliandola nel mezzo" allorchè io rimasi incantato, pieno di stupore e pensai: "cavolo il nonnetto! ne ha fatta di strada... gli antenati sono sempre i migliori" poi rimasi in pausa riflessiva e mi dissi: "mio nonno nn mi poteva raccontare questo anzichè come se la passò al fronte di guerra?! non che la guerra nn sia per niente interessante, ma nn mi parlava di altro..." Alla fine ho concluso: "ci sono cose che capitano solo a me e nn le capirò mai..."

Sta di fatto che alla fine a paolo gli venne la grande idea di prendere la rapa e infilarla nel culo di fil mentre dormiva(fil era stanchissimo)... quando nn si sa che cazzo fare si inventa di tutto per passare il tempo e infilare una rapa nel culo di fil era il gioco più interessante che poteva venire in mente a un gruppo di studenti in casa altrui dopo un paio di birre... io seguo paolo interessato al gioco quando ad un certo punto ti vedi diana davanti alla porta di fil con uno squardo dolcissimo tipico di una spagnola, che ci impedì di entrare.

A quel punto cosa vuoi fare? Quello sguardo ti fa sentire un perfetto imbecille! Perchè lo eravamo! Immagino come deve essersi sentito paolo... con una rapa in mano intento a trafiggere fil e davanti a lui una ragazza dolcissima che gli bloccava la strada... io a quel punto avrei detto: "scusami, per farmi perdonare, se vuoi, mi taglio le vene e muoio lentamente davanti alla camera di fil". Infatti dopo paolo disse a fil quando si svegliò: "Una ragazza del genere io me la sposerei... ti fa la guardia mentre dormi per fermare un gruppetto di poveri imbecilli che volevano farti uno scherzo". Ma torniamo alla festa di compleanno. Dopo che saluto tutti mi avvio con fil alla metro e rimango zitto e teso dalla paranoia. Poco prima che stavamo a stusta fil mi fa:"ma secondo te, fabri e aurèlia lo staranno facendo?" io a quel punto penso: "come cazzo fa un uomo a pensare a ciò in questo momento?" Alla fine ho concluso: "ci sono cose che capitano solo a me e nn le capirò mai..." e con tono sdegnato gli dico: "che cazzo ne so! nn me ne frega niente!" infatti avevo tutt'altro per la testa: mio padre! torniamo a casa e saluto fil dicendogli "a domani", ma "a domani" in quel momento significava "ci vedremo dopo che saprò di che morte morirò"; infatti dico a mio padre che nn ho passato l'esame e lui giustamente: "che cazzo stai facendo lì?" e io: "nn so che dirti!" in effetti quel nn so che dirti significava proprio "nn so assolutamente come spiegarti nulla, in quanto nn ho ancora capito perchè sono venuto al mondo..."(magari lui lo sa meglio di me).

Vado subito a dormire senza vedere nemmeno la posta elettronica e mentre mi addormento pregando, penso: "domani un altro giorno arriverà!(Vasco Rossi)". Infatti è arrivato troppo presto! Mi alzo come al solito: troppo tardi! E con la mia solita lentezza mi metto a studiare. Dopo un pò mi squilla il cellulare; era mio padre: "nn torni a casa fin quando nn passi gli esami! ciao!" e io pensavo: "addio vacanze... ormai si torna alla vita vera... la vita fatta di delusioni e sofferenze, l'erasmus è come un quadro di un monaco tibetano: fatto di sabbia! Dopo che è stato realizzato lo ammirano e lo distruggono subito dopo, perchè se durasse dippiù nn sarebbe così incredibilmente bello... come ogni cosa"

http://utaini.spaces.live.com/blog/cns! ... !545.entry

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Italian TranscriptPronto buongiorno, senta, eh... qualcuno è entrato in casa sfondando la finestra e ha messo molto disordine. C'è una porta chiusa. La via è: via della Pergola 7 a Perugia.

Praticamente sono entrati, hanno rotto un vetro? E come sa che sono entrati?

Si vede dai segni, ci sono anche macchie di sangue in bagno.

Non hanno portato via nulla. Il problema è che c'è la porta chiusa... C'è un mucchio di sangue.

C'è una porta chiusa? Qual è la porta chiusa?

...diuna delle coinquiline che non c'è e non sappiamo dove sia. Sì sì abbiamo cercato di chiamarla ma non risponde da nessuna parte.

Va bene, adesso mando una pattuglia così verifichiamo la situazione.

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PostPosted: Tue Dec 09, 2008 5:01 pm   Post subject: THE DAY I MET RAFFAELE   


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PostPosted: Fri Jan 23, 2009 5:35 pm   Post subject: GRAPHOLOGIST'S HANDWRITING ANALYSIS   


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Kermit wrote:
Here are some screen shots from the recent Matrix program on last January 17. They are of different images of Raffaele's handwriting from prison.

The graphologists amongst us may find something of interest. (Oops, I see on previewing this that the first and fourth are the same, at different moments in the program)

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PostPosted: Thu May 14, 2009 2:05 pm   Post subject: RAFFAELE'S CALL TO POLICE NOV 2   


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PostPosted: Fri Nov 27, 2009 12:56 pm   Post subject: RAFFAELE SOLLECITO'S LETTER TO TG5   


Tiziano wrote:
Translation of Raffaele Sollecito's letter to Tg5, sent from Capanne Prison on November 26th, 2009.
Thank you Michael & Jester for the screen shots.

To the Editor Capanne 26/11/09
Telegiornale 5

This is Raffaelle Sollecito writing to you from Capanne Prison, Perugia.

You have always closely followed my tragedy in many reports made by your correspondents in Perugia and I am sure consequently that this letter of mine will be properly taken into account by you. In the days since the request for a sentence of life imprisonment I have been in a constant state of anxiety about my future, and the various moments of the day are all directed to this thought.

I know that I am innocent because I have done none of the things of which I am accused.

I would like you, who have always followed this tragic event, to give voice to a young man who has been living in segregation for two years, in prison deprived of all the dearest of affections and torn from a normal, dignified, calm life, like that of 23 year-olds the same age as me (now I am 25, almost 26).

I find myself in prison because of a print from a shoe which I never wore, and which is for me rather a millstone around my neck, and for a DNA trace on a bra hook which I have never seen, let alone touched.

I ask myself whether all this is fair. I am convinced that soon the gates will open for me and that I will go back to living, now I am only anxious that this will happen soon.

Greetings to all,


Translation of letter sent to La Piazza di Giovinazzo by Sergio on November 23rd, 2009

Lettera P di G

Only part of the letter is available on the site. There is no date on the letter.


"I can't wait to return to the embrace of my dear ones and my friends and then take up my journey again accompanied by my dreams" Raffaele Sollecito

Dear Friends at la Piazza,
It's been a while since we have been in contact by letter; I just felt that the visit of your Sergio Pisani and Gabriella Marcandrea was more satisfying and therefore I became a bit lazy.

I have returned to Vocabolo Sabbione (prison at Terni) as expected and very probably I will have to return to Capanne for the final hearings. During this brief wait anxiety and anguish invade my thoughts: will the Court of the Assizes succeed in getting a clear idea? Will they have fully taken in all the phases of the debate? Will they have consequently understood that I am innocent without a shadow of doubt? (the letter continues)


(Screenshot letter reconstruction by 'Jester')
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PostPosted: Fri Nov 27, 2009 1:06 pm   Post subject: RAFFAELE'S PHONE CALL AND TELEGRAM   


Tiziano wrote:
Jester wrote:
And here's the other text that's given some extra attention on the video

Jester, thanks for the screen shots (I don't know how to do them, so it was a great help) which I have translated. Michael has done me some of the Tg5 letter and I am now going to translate that too.

The first letter (we as yet only have a part of this letter) was sent to La Piazza di Giovinazzo on November 23rd, 2009, where the locals have been supporting Raffaele, by Sergio (a friend). A second letter dated November 26th was sent to Tg5.

In great contrast with the FOA, they (at P di G) have been doing just that: supporting him.

Here is a link to a birthday video they made him:Buon Compleanno


This is a translation of Jester's screen shots of dialogue between RS and his father in his last call home before he was arrested (from Tg5).

Raffaele: I'm in the police station and they are asking me questions.

Father: Did they call you in?

Raffaele: Ah yes ... they are telling me that I have to hang up ... don't worry then when I have finished I'll call you.

Telegramme from RS to father after phone call:


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PostPosted: Wed Mar 17, 2010 3:01 pm   Post subject: RAFFAELE IN THE FIRST DAYS AFTER HIS ARREST   


Trans: 'Thoughtful'

Date: November 17, 2007

Raffaele Sollecito, 23, spent his first 10 days of prison searching for precise memories. Memories that are returning after the fog provoked by the hashish. He saw the television news on Thursday evening. And yesterday morning, when one of his lawyers, Tiziano Tedeschi, arrived at the prison, he asked him suddenly: "What do I have to do with that knife?" It was the knife which contained DNA traces of poor Meredith, and of Amanda, who is accused like Raffaele of homicide. "That huge knife was already at my house when I rented it. I never used that knife. Amanda used it when cutting onions." His own two pocket knives have also been confiscated; he has been carrying them since he was 13, and changed them to match his outfits. "But it's unbelievable," he said when he heard that the knife had been confiscated by the police, "that Amanda was going around with such a big kitchen knife, I simply can't believe it." A thousand words, in these difficult days, have been exchanged with his father, his father's new wife, his educators and his lawyers. Precise memories are beginning to return. "On that night, when Amanda came home, I remember having touched her hand. It was cold, like it was when she would come home at night after working at the pub. But for now I can't remember anything else. And if I can't remember, why should I tell a lie? The evening before Meredith died Amanda brought me make-up stuff for Halloween. She wanted to go to a disco, but I'm not 15 any more and I preferred a quiet pub. But Amanda is American, and for her Halloween is a really important night." Raffaele should have been going to Milan during those days. "Right after my degree, there would have been a party and a lunch with relatives and friends, and then in the evening, a romantic restaurant just for Amanda and me. Then, with my father, I would have left right away for Milan to enroll in a master's at Bocconi. My father inundated me with phone calls during those last days of freedom, sometimes even four a day. He wanted me to study and work on my (undergraduate) thesis. I had only written a draft. I was also calling home. One evening I asked for a recipe: I wanted to make a risotto for Amanda." Also childhood memories are becoming part of the defense. "I've always been scared of blood, since I was little. If I see blood I feel sick. I had barely spotted a trace of blood in the bathroom that morning and I had to step back. If I had gone into Meredith's room then I'd have died on the spot." The boy from Giovinazzo has destroyed Amanda's alibi, but he certainly doesn't forget the days spent with her. "She was my first real conquest. As a boy I was fat, everyone called me Cicciolone. I would look at myself in the mirror and I didn't like myself. I told myself there was only one thing to do: the gym, and more of the gym. I changed, and I felt better. When Amanda got together with me, I was very jealous. That's why I wanted her to sleep over at my place, so no one else could be looking at her. It was my first really important story." Even in a cell, Raffaele wants to be a good kid. "I asked for rags to clean up the bathroom. And even the bars. They're dusty."

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PostPosted: Sat Sep 11, 2010 12:30 pm   Post subject: TRANSLATION OF RAFFAELE'S PRISON DIARY: DEFINITIVE VERSION   


Trans: 'Clander'

While the original PMF translation of Raffaele's prison diary by Belle was competent, it has now been thoroughly gone over by Clander in order to render the most accurate translation possible. This is the definitive translation and must be the version referred to hence forth.

You do not have the required permissions to view the files attached to this post.
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PostPosted: Mon Feb 14, 2011 2:37 pm   Post subject: RAFFAELLE'S STATEMENT, NOV 5, 2007   


Trans: 'Jools'

Perugia, Amanda’s truth:

She was with Patrick and screaming.

“I was frightened I covered my ears”

“Patrick and Meredith parted to Meredith’s room, while myself I think I remained in the kitchen. I’m not able to remember how long they were together in the bedroom but I can only say that at a certain point I heard Meredith scream and I was frightened and covered my ears…”

Amanda knox, Meredith’s American friend whom she shared the house with, says she was present at the crime. Gives the police that in questioning her accused her of lying when she told them she left the house at 17.00 on the first of November returning only the next morning when Meredith’s torture body was discovered. Her boyfriend Raffaele Sollecito was heard about an hour before and had already stated that, that alibi was false, though denying of having participated in the murder. Amanda understands that there is no way out, but carves herself a marginal role. She accuses Patrick Lumumba Diya of being the murderer. Her story is confusing, its clear the girl doesn’t tell the whole truth. But the pm retains that her declarations are sufficient for signing an arrest warrant also toward the two men.

The “I don’t remember” of Amanda:

The story told by Amanda starts at 05.45.

“I want to voluntarily refer what has happened because this event has profoundly disturb me and I am very afraid of Patrick, the African man owner of the pub Le Chic where sometimes I work. I met him the evening of the first of November after I sent him a message in reply to one from him, with the words, “ci vediamo”.

We met up around 21.00 at the basket court by Grimana Square and we went to my house. I don’t remember if my friends Meredith was already at home or if she came in after. What I can say is that they parted.

I saw Patrick this morning in front of the University for foreigners and he asked me some questions. He wanted to know what questions had the police asked me. I think he asked me if I wanted to meet journalists, maybe to find out if I knew anything about Meredith’s death.

I’m not sure if Raffaele was also present that evening, but I remember well that I woke up in my boyfriends house, in his bed, and that in the morning I went to my house where I found the door open.”

The police officers of the fly Squad and the Sco, make a note at the end of the statement that “Knox takes her hands up to head and repeatedly shakes it”.

The boyfriend’s lies:

The detailed list [billing records] of received and dialled phone calls examined by the postal police was to be fundamental in reconstructing their [AK/RS] movements. And for probing contradictions on whatever they had stated up to that point. The first one to admit of having “told a lot of crap” is Sollecito. He is summoned to the police station at 22.40 on Nov 5th. Police had already questioned him after the discovery of Meredith’s body, but he had justified himself by saying that he didn’t know anything about what happened: “ I was out with Amanda”. Now he understands that the situation is different and therefore he decides to modify also his own version. Sollecito’s statement begins at 22.40.

[Re: Nov 1st]

“I know Amanda for two weeks. From the evening I first met her she started sleeping at my house.

The first of November I woke up about 11.00, I had breakfast with Amanda, then she went out and I went back to bed. I then met up with her at her house around 13.00-14.00. In there was Meredith who left in a hurry about 16.00 without saying where she was going.

Amanda and I went to the [town] centre about 18.00 but I don’t remember what we did.

We remained in the centre till 20.30 or 21.00.

I went to my house alone at 21.00, while Amanda said that she was going to the pub Le Chic because she wanted to meet with her friends.

At this point we said goodbye. I went home, I made a joint. Had dinner, but I don’t remember what I ate.

About 23.00 my father called me on my house phone line. I recall Amanda was not back yet.

I web surfed on the computer for two more hours after my father’s phone call and I only stopped when Amanda came back in, presumably about 01.00. I don’t remember well how she was dressed and if she was dressed the same as when we said goodbye before dinner. I don’t remember if that evening we had sex.”

[Re: Nov 2nd:]

“The following morning we woke up about 10.00 and she told met that she wanted to go home to have a shower and change clothes. In fact she left at 10.30 and I went back to sleep. When she was leaving Amanda took also an empty bag, telling me that it was to put the dirty clothes in.

At about 11.30 she returned to my house and I recall that she had change clothes. She had her usual handbag.

She told me that when she arrived at her house she found the front door wide-open and amounts of blood in the small bathroom. She asked me if I thought it was strange. I answered yes it was and I suggested to her to call her friends. She told me she had already called Filomena, while she said that Meredith was not answering.”

The going back to the house:

Together they go to the cottage. And this is how Sollecito reconstructs that moment:

“She opened the door with the keys and I went inside. I noticed that Filomena’s door was wide-open and glass on the floor and the room was in a mess. Amanda’s door was open and instead everything was in order. Then I went by Meredith’s door and I saw that it was key locked. First I looked if it was true what Amanda told me about blood in the bathroom and I noticed drops of blood in the sink, while on the bathmat there was something strange, a sort of mixture of water and blood, while the rest of the bathroom was clean… The rest was in order. At that very moment Amanda entered the big bathroom and came out frightened, strongly hugging me telling me that before, when she had the shower, she had seen some feces in the toilet that as opposed to now was clean. I asked myself what was happening and went out to see if I could manage to climb to Meredith’s window… I tried to breakdown the door but I didn’t succeed and at that point I decided to call my sister and get her advice because she is a lieutenant in the Carabinieri. She told me to call 112, but in the meantime the postal police arrived. In the previous statement I told you a lot of crap because she [AK] convinced me of her version of the facts and I didn’t think of the inconsistencies.

http://www.corriere.it/cronache/07_nove ... nini.shtml
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PostPosted: Wed Mar 02, 2011 11:51 am   Post subject: FROM RAFFAELE'S BLOG BEFORE HIS ARREST: PARALLEL WORLDS   


Trans: 'Jools'

Raffaele Sollecito wrote:
“I'll be a heroooo”

August 20, 2006

Have you seen those overworked-gym guys that when you see them make you afraid because of their huge size? I really think so since most of you at least once in your lifetime have been to the gym... Him whom I’m about to tell you about he’s not just the most “pumped up” guy in the room, but was rather something immeasurably inhuman.

I am speaking of August 9, the last evening at the “steko's sport center”; a gym place near my dorm, here in Munich, where I train practicing my much loved kickboxing... because it was the last evening, I decided to do everything possible to check and try out what I already knew that this was a ‘kool’ gym.

After I did my usual hour of various techniques (dodging, combinations, etc…), I decided to try this new exciting enhancement training [equipment] that I took a peek in other times while I was going to take a shower... I go in and see Silvia, my training partner half German and half Calabrian (I first met her in the sauna), comes towards me to greet me and she says: “is this the first time that you do this?” and me: “yes, I'm curious” and she: “get ready, because its very hard...” as soon she finished saying it I turn and I see coming “THE ENHANCEMENT INSTRUCTOR”`: a big huge man with the usual jacket size XXXXXXXXL, that all those gym heavy trainers use for the simple reason that while they train in front of the mirror they must focus on the exercise and not be distracted by their own bulk... apart from that he had some tight-fitting shorts that showed an uneven extremely pumped mass muscle on the quadriceps that would leave you breathless just by looking; then with his Bavarian speak with an American accent he filled me in with even more terror... :-(

Right away I asked myself: “But this one where has he escape from? Maybe at the back they have a laboratory where they do genetic experiments... they made him in the laboratory!" While he was about to start he turns on the stereo pumping music like “Flash Dance”, Tina Turner, and in total the whole soundtrack of Rocky 1,2,3,4,5. In practice he was like I thought an excitable crazy ‘Americanaccio’ transplanted to Munich.

Before starting arranging the equipment in the same way arranged by the others: step, rope, equalizer, towel, small weights and elastics to work the deltoids muscles... I was lurking in the back row... As soon as we begin with the rope jump I look at the instructor and I suffered a shock: his legs that were jumping with the rope were impressive... from a distance of five meters I could exactly count his muscle striations and I could also see exactly where they ended up one by one (was disgusting)... Furthermore, his little steps to jump that rope were framed by an impressive mass movement: it was as if one of his little steps on tiptoes could bring down the hall... he was not a man; he was more like a cow... a bullock!

We begun to use the scales and small weights and I realize with a bit of pleasure that my scales was a little lighter and just when I'm going to get 5 kilos more and while I'm getting closer to the weights, Silvia looks at me with a smile and says: “Are you really sure?” and I said: “I try...” (I’d never do it). Begins with pull to the chin, lunges and other exercises that stimulate different muscle strips each time differently... the problem was that gradually was going at a continuously persisting rate... At some point, the bullock turns towards me and says, “you must moooo mmmmoooo mmmmmmmmmoooooooooooo mmmooo moo” (he spoke with that incomprehensible Bavarian, virtualy mooing) and after a moment of confusion on my part I look at him in disregard lifting my eyebrow, as if to say: “eh?! What the fuck did you say??" After he repeated to me: "you have to mooo mmmmooooo moo mmmmmoooooo” a couple of times, realises that it was not a bluff and comes dipterally towards me and with the delicate tact of a hippopotamus he moves my arms and legs to make me take the correct position.

At that point I was beginning to suffer seriously... Silvia was right… it was hard... very hard... Indeed I was about to burst. The exertion and pain were accompanied by that song that goes: :I'll be a hero… nanana... at the end of the night...” the music put on by the excitable crazy, which although dull, gave you a bit of a boost to support that effort and while gasping I was feeling my heart reaching my throat, I was making funny faces in front of the mirror a bit because I'm a moron a bit because I wanted to distract the others so as to pissed off the bullock and wanted to slow down that massacre/training... the plan failed because someone looking at me on the mirror was laughing, but the bullock not batting an eye (he would’ve met many pricks worse than me). At that point I began singing the songs in my head not to think that in a short while I would collapsed to the ground... and while my heart felt coming out, I screamed inside me the following lyrics: “I'll be a heroooooo”... push-ups, abdominals, horizontal lying with small weights for the deltoids, French press... “I'll be a herooooo nananana”...

When I no longer had the strength to blink, I look at the clock with a sigh of relief “is over!” As I start going to the locker room, Silvia says: "Bravo, you managed to get to the end... the first time I tried I couldn’t..." and I said: “Yes, but I don’t even know how I done it... Just two steps away from the door I trip over and I fall with my face hiting the ground: I was in pieces and after returning home I realized that for me the day was over also because I could not move.

I decided the best thing to do was to get my stuff ready to leave and give up on any idea of going out.

Wind was blowing and from my bedroom window I could see a tree shaken by the wind and one leaf in particular, was on the longest branch and also the most distant of all, which was shaking flouncing in the win... seemed crazy, it was as if it wanted to break away from the branch and fly away... preparing my stuff and I knew that those moments were the last moments of living in Munich... many are already gone and I, like the others, could not escape that destiny... I began to think about all the happy moments and unhappy past, for better or for worse with everyone: "Ana (her strength and her weakness is a never-ending swirl of emotions), Maite (I'll never forget her sweetness) Paolo, Filippo, Fabrizio, Guido, Simone, Nico, Toni, casa Milano, Celeste, Alessandra, the group of Spaniards, the Swedish, Elaine, the Americans, my Serbian friend, Faouzi, the TUM group, the evenings at Kultfabrik, Soul City, 4004, HB, Stustaculum, the world cup, the Stammtisch, travelling, the infinity of places visited and people I met, etc… " it was all over and I cried... I cried with anger because of the pain I felt in my chest... I cried and punching my fists against the closet... Outside the wind was even stronger and the leaf on the longest branch was now crazily shacking like a psychopath forced into a straitjacket... it wanted to break away from the branch and fly away... it wanted just that but couldn’t do it... Meanwhile, I begun to feel pain in my knuckles, but instead of calming down I was punching even harder hurting me even more, blinded by a senseless madness... What made me want to hurt myself? Rage and regret because I was leaving all? The not have completed all my expectations? The knowing that I would never see almost everyone again?... Meanwhile, in my mind, images and emotions of a life were running at an exhausting pace: they were so fast that I could not even focus on them and in the meantime I was punching more and more enraged. Then at a certain point in a moment of clarity, my eyes fall on my mother’s photo... she was there, smiling next to me... From the photographs I have of my mother, the ones where she is smiling with a happy expression they are really rare and there and is always with me... everything makes me realize that I was one of the few things that made her happy... I stopped suddenly and I thought I was stupid because my mother would have never wanted me to harm myself in any way, much less in this stupid way... I looked at my pale livid hand and I seek for forgiveness in the smiling eyes of who loved me above everything else... My hand was trembling like terrified of that implacable rage... shaking like a leaf... I looked out the window and I knew that leaf did not want to be force to flee but it was terrified of the idea to move on... it was afraid... fear of an uncertain future... afraid to take what was most dear... fear of getting lost... afraid because it was alone on the furthest branch... So I concluded: rage is fear. The horizon is in a happy and smiling look.

It’s time to end suffering and point straight to the horizon.

====The End====



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PostPosted: Mon Jul 01, 2013 11:34 pm   Post subject: Re: RAFFAELE SOLLECITO'S OWN WORDS   


Sollecito writes to TGcom24: "But what truth, the judges just wanted a horror movie "

[We] received and publish a letter of Raffaele Sollecito, who was sentenced at first instance, acquitted on appeal, acquittal quashed by the Supreme Court and now waiting for the new appeal trial for the murder of Meredith Kercher on 31 October 2007 [sic] in Perugia. Sollecito gives his version of the facts with respect to the first-instance judgment with which he was sentenced to 26 years for murder.

Original in Italian

Raffaele Sollecito wrote:

"C'era una volta Amanda e Raffaele, lei studentessa americana di lingue e lui informatico a Perugia. Si incontrano ad un concerto di musica classica e si innamorano uno dell'altra … il 25 ottobre 2007 no aspetta, così è troppo noiosa … Facciamola più intrigante vediamo un po' .. ecco!
L'accusa trova un pazzo ubriacone e spacciatore di cocaina kokomani dopo un anno e la storia diventa: Amanda e Raffaele si conoscono ad agosto, non si sa come e non si sa quando, ed un giorno, al bar dove kokomani si ubriacava, lo zio di Amanda, venuto dall'America non si come e non si sa quando, presenta i due fidanzatini (in procinto di sposarsi direi a questo punto) all'ignaro Kokomani (che magari si aspettava di fare il testimone di nozze) e precisa, SOTTOLINEANDO, che lui è lo Zio di Amanda e i due ragazzi sono Amanda e Raffaele (famosissimi all'epoca d'altronde)…

Mmmm … vabbè dai non è il massimo ma almeno così diventa più interessante, non fa niente che non c'è riscontro a nulla di tutto questo tanto è un film … ok andiamo avanti …

Raffaele ha una casa in affitto da solo in Corso Garibaldi che è a 5 minuti circa a piedi da via della Pergola, dove Amanda abitava con altre coinquiline: Meredith, Filomena e Laura. I due passano molte giornate insieme, si coccolano, si divertono, fanno escursioni nei paesi vicini a Perugia ed un paio di volte mangiano a casa di Amanda con le altre coinquiline a pranzo. Vivono delle giornate entusiasmanti e sorridono ogni volta che si guardano negli occhi … Il giorno di Halloween, 31 ottobre 2007, Amanda va a lavorare al pub di Patrick Lumumba, così Raffaele lavora alla sua tesi e poi si ritrovano la sera sul tardi … per poi stare insieme come sempre, prendendosi cura uno dell'altra ...

Uff! Che palle! Dacci un pò di adrenalina a stò film che cavolo! … ok ok … arriva un giorno un barbone eroinomane e super-testimone seriale portato dall'accusa che dice di aver visto Amanda e Raffaele in Piazza Grimana, una villetta a pochi passi di via della Pergola, a discutere animatamente, non si sa di cosa e non si capisce di che giorno parla, ma è successo alle 9:00 di sera fino alle 11:30 circa. Non fa niente che quelle sere tra fine ottobre e novembre a Perugia si crepava di freddo, non fa niente che Raffaele ha una casa libera dove può fare che cavolo gli pare, ma secondo il barbone eroinomane e testimone seriale, i due stavano tre ore sotto la pioggia (se si parla della sera 1° novembre 2007) e il freddo non si sa a discutere di cosa … In più il barbone eroinomane e super-testimone seriale di omicidi (il suo nome è Curatolo), dice che quando è tornato in piazza Grimana, i due fidanzatini litigiosi non c'erano più e ha visto degli autobus che portavano alle discoteche che caricavano ragazzi … Non fa niente che il 1° novembre non c'era nessun autobus al mondo perché le serate in discoteca erano la notte di Halloween 31 ottobre 2007 … Per il Pubblico Ministero Giuliano Mignini Curatolo è attendibile, anche perché l'eroina non provoca allucinazioni, mentre la cannabis si.

n realtà i due fidanzatini passarono la sera e la notte a casa di Raffaele, visto che era libera ed avevano avuto una settimana intensa di impegni. Il 1° novembre, in particolar modo, Amanda doveva andare a lavorare al pub di Patrick, ma siccome la serata era abbastanza tranquilla, lui non aveva più bisogno di Amanda e, dopo che un'amica di Raffaele passò a disdire il suo bisogno di essere accompagnata alla stazione degli autobus, improvvisamente i due fidanzatini ebbero la serata libera e passarono il tempo a guardare il film: "il favoloso mondo di Ameliè", poi mangiarono pesce, Amanda leggeva Harry Potter in tedesco a Raffaele e fecero l'amore tutta la notte …

Il Giudice di Primo Grado, Giancarlo Massei prese in pieno la versione del barbone eroinomane, super-testimone seriale Curatolo … Dai Giancarlo ancora non siamo soddisfatti! Forza! Sti due fidanzatini ci stanno abbottando i coglioni! Sei tutti noi!…

Secondo la ricostruzione del Giudice Giancarlo Massei, che condannò Amanda e Raffaele rispettivamente a 25 e 26 anni di reclusione, le cose andarono così: Amanda e Raffaele, dopo essere stati 3 ore al freddo sotto la pioggia, la sera del 1° novembre 2007, si avviano a casa di Amanda in via della Pergola e vanno subito in camera di Amanda (che era più piccola della cella di Raffaele quando era in carcere) e cominciano a fare l'amore per rompere le scatole a Meredith che nell'altra stanza stava a leggere un libro … Non fa niente che un gruppo di più di 5 persone rimasero con una delle due macchine in panne davanti alla villetta di via della Pergola durante quelle ore aspettando un carro attrezzi, hanno testimoniato, ed hanno dichiarato che non hanno visto passare nessuno …

Scusate, ma perché Amanda e Raffaele non sono andati a casa di Raffaele che era libera e non davano fastidio a nessuno? … Dai! che stai a vedere tutti questi inutili dettagli, facci vedere un po' di fuochi d'artificio! Forza Giancarlo!

Il Giudice Massei continua: ad un certo punto della serata, mentre i due stavano in camera di Amanda a fare sesso, improvvisamente bussa alla porta uno sconosciuto … Amanda si riveste e si alza, va alla porta e chi trova? … Rudy Guedé, un ragazzo di colore che non conosceva nessuno se non i ragazzi del piano di sotto ed aveva visto una volta Amanda e Meredith di sfuggita ma non aveva mai visto in vita sua Raffaele, che si trovava a passare da quelle parti e … GLI SCAPPAVA DA C...ARE …

Ma come?! Ma che trama è questa?! Dove cavolo si è visto che la gente va in giro a bussare alle porte perché gli scappa da c...re? … Dai Giancarlo non ci deludere! Ma il Giudice Massei non delude: … nel frattempo Amanda apre la porta al povero nero vittima del fascino stregante di Amanda e si accomoda per andare … a c...re … e Amanda, come se nulla fosse, torna in camera sua da letto e si toglie i vestiti di nuovo …

Ma perché Meredith in questa storia non poteva andare ad aprire lei che stava leggendo un libro? … Ah, no giusto! Altrimenti Amanda perde la parte di protagonista assoluta, avete ragione perdono … …

In pratica, secondo la ricostruzione del Giudice Giancarlo Massei la storia continua così: Mentre Amanda e Raffaele erano tornati a fare sesso, Rudy Guedé esce dal bagno, dopo che si è sentito delle canzoni con l'ipod, e viene letteralmente assalito dalle VIBRAZIONI SESSUALI che Amanda e Raffaele emanavano nel corridoio e nella casa …

Cazzo Giancarlo, questa si che è roba tosta! Manco Dario Argento ci sarebbe mai arrivato!! … "VIBRAZIONI SESSUALI" … c..o sei un genio!! Dammi il 5! … ma la parte bella deve ancora arrivare: Quando Guedè respira le VIBRAZIONI SESSUALI, improvvisamente viene come posseduto e decide che deve a tutti i costi avere un rapporto sessuale con Meredith … si avventura nella sua camera e, al rifiuto della stessa, perché poverino lui è brutto, entrano in azione Amanda e Raffaele. Amanda e Raffaele a quel punto non aiutano Meredith, che è loro amica, ma al contrario ed inaspettatamente, aiutano Rudy Guedé a violentare Meredith e poi finirla con dei tagli alla gola … Tutti e tre avevano coltelli: Rudy ha un passato da ladro e faceva furti in uffici e appartamenti con le stesse modalità con cui in realtà è entrato poi in via della Pergola ed inoltre è stato anche preso mentre dormiva in un asilo a Milano con un coltello nella borsa; Raffaele aveva un coltellino sempre in tasca da collezione: non fa niente che non lo ha mai usato per offendere nessuno in vita sua, non c'è nessuna traccia di altre persone sul suo coltellino e non ha mai fatto del male a nessuno … Amanda … E Amanda??? … Il Giudice Massei dice che ha usato un coltello da cucina enorme, preso da casa dello sfigato Raffaele e se lo è infilato nella borsa … Perché?? Perché … NON SI SA MAI (può sempre tornare utile un coltellaccio da 15 cm … ) … Massei dice. Ma la povera Meredith era di corporatura piccola, le sue ferite non sono così grandi e quel coltello avrebbe trapassato il suo collo per quanto è grande … Non c'è sangue su quel coltello e nemmeno il DNA di Meredith in quanto i risultati della scientifica sono totalmente inattendibili, non avendo rispettato i protocolli internazionali. Non ci sono tracce di candeggina, quello che dice la polizia scientifica sono ipotesi mai riscontrate ...

Dai andiamo! Dettagli! Ma non ci sono tracce di Amanda e Raffaele sulla scena del crimine, ci sono solo quelle di Guedé, ovunque! Come è possibile che abbiano pulito, dove sono i segni della pulizia??!! Dai su non rompete! Sono ancora dettagli, fammi vedere sto film!

Su quel gancetto di reggiseno poi? Ci sono 5 profili diversi … tutti sul pezzo di ferro che fa parte del gancetto, non c'è nulla sulla stoffa; è stato preso circa 46 giorni dopo che la polizia scientifica ha fatto i rilievi e nel frattempo era intervenuta anche la polizia giudiziaria senza precauzioni anti-contaminazione ed ha messo a soqquadro l'intero appartamento. Non c'è nemmeno il profilo di Raffaele su quel gancetto; se si legge male quel miscuglio di tracce, si può trovare il DNA di chiunque.

La vogliamo finire con ste noie?!! Finiamo di vedere sto film!! Massei conclude: Non si sa perché Amanda e Raffaele hanno fatto la scelta di uccidere Meredith, ma dobbiamo prendere atto della loro scelta, LA SCELTA DEL MALE. Probabilmente sotto l'effetto di droghe, perché non le disdegnavano visto che hanno detto che hanno fumato uno spinello … Peccato che nessuno ha fatto i test per vedere se effettivamente Amanda e Raffaele abbiano usato droghe pesanti o siano abituati a bere molto. C...o! Figata! Hai fatto una fusione tra l'Esorcista e Arma Letale!!! Giancarlo sei il mio Mito!!!"

Raffaele Sollecito


Trans: TJMK

Raffaele Sollecito wrote:
Once upon a time, there was Amanda and Raffaele, she was an American student, studying languages and he studying Computer Science. They met at a classical concert and fell in love… no wait like that it is too boring….Lets make it more intriguing, lets see…..I know!

The prosecution found a crazy drunk, and cocaine dealer, Kokomani, after a year the story becomes: Amanda and Raffaele met in August, no one knows how or when, and one day at a bar, where Kokomani would get drunk, Amanda’s uncle came from America, no one knows why or when, and introduces the fiancees ( about to get married, I would say at this point) to the ignorant (unknown) Kokmani (who maybe thought he was going to be the best man) it’s clear. UNDERLINING that he is Amanda’s uncle and the two young people are Amanda and Raffaele (famous at the time, after all)

Mmmm…...come on it’s not the best, but at least it is more interesting, it doesn’t matter that there is no confirmation to none of this, anyway it’s a movie, OK. Let’ s continue…..

Raffaele rents a house on Corso Garibaldi, a five minute walk from Via della Pergola, where Amanda lives with three roommates, Meredith, Filomena and Laura. The two pass many days together, they cuddle, have fun, they have outings to towns close to Perugia, and a couple of times they have lunch at Amanda’s house with the other flatmates. They live enthusiastic days, smiling every time they look in each other’s eyes….. Halloween Day, Oct. 31 2007, Amanda goes to work at Patrick Lumumba’s pub, so Raffaele works on his thesis and late that night they meet up….. to be together as always, taking care of each other.

Uff! What a pain in the ass! Give this movie a bit of adrenaline, what the hell! O.K. O.K…...one day along comes a heroin addicted serial super witness brought by the prosecution who says that he saw Amanda and Raffaele in Piazza Grimana, by a small villa a few feet from via della Pergola, discussing vividly, no one knows what and no one knows what day, but it happened at approx. 9:00p.m. to 11:30p.m. It doesn’t matter that the night between the end of Oct. and beginning of Nov. was freezing cold, it doesn’t matter that Raffaele has a house where he can do what the hell he wants, but according to the heroin addicted serial super witness, the two were in the cold and under the rain for three hours (if we are talking about Nov. 1, 2007) discussing who knows what; furthermore, the heroin addicted serial super witness of murders (whose name is Curatolo) says that when he went back to Piazza Grimana the two contentious fiancees were no longer there and he saw kids boarding the buses that go to the discos…..it doesn’t matter that the 1st of Nov. there is not a bus in this world because the night at the disco was on the night of Halloween, Oct.31, 2007…...for the Pubblico Ministero Giuliano Mignini, Curatolo was a credible witness. Even because heroin does not produce hallucinations while cannabis does.

In reality the two fiancees passed the evening and the night at Raffaeles’s house since it was free and they had an intensive week of commitments. The 1st of Nov. in particular Amanda had to work at Patrick’s pub, but as the evening was not busy he did not need Amanda, and after a friend of Raffaele’s passed by to cancel an appointment to go to the bus station, suddenly the two fiancees had the night free and they passed the time watching the movie “il favoloso mondo di Ameliè”, then eating fish, Amanda read Harry Potter in German to Raffaele and they made love all night…...

Il Giudice di Primo Grado, Giancarlo Massei took in full the version of the heroin addicted serial super witness tramp….. Come on Giancarlo we are still not satisfied! Come on! These two fiancees are cramming our balls!! You are all of us….

According to the reconstruction of Judge Giancarlo Massei, that sentenced Amanda and Raffaele to 25 and 26 years in prison, things went this way: Amanda and Raffaele after being 3 hours in the cold under the rain, the night of the 1st of November 2007, head toward Amanda’s house in Pergola street and go right away into Amanda’s room (a room that was smaller than Raffaele’s cell when he was in prison) and start making love to bother Meredith who was reading a book in the other room…doesn’t matter that more than 5 people had car trouble and were waiting for a tow-truck, in front of the house during that time, and they give testimony that nobody passed by.

Sorry, but why didn’t Amanda and Raffaele go to Raffaele’s house that was free and nobody would have been bothered?.. . Come-on! Why do you have to take into consideration this useless details, show us some firecrackers! Go Giancarlo!

Judge Massei continues: sometime during the evening, while the two were having sex in Amanda’s room, suddenly somebody knocked at the door… Amanda gets up and gets dressed, goes to the door and who does she see? ...Rudy Guede, a colored guy that didn’t know anybody except the guys of the lower floor and had met Amanda and Meredith only once but never in his life had he met Raffaele, that urgently needed to take a shit.

But what?! What kind of plot is this? Where in the hell do you see that people go around knocking on doors because they need to take a shit?... Come on Giancarlo do not disappoint us! But judge Massei does not disappoint us…. Meanwhile Amanda opens the door to the poor black, victim of bewitching charm of Amanda, and goes inside to take a shit…. and Amanda as if nothing has happened, goes back to her room and gets undressed again…

But why couldn’t Meredith go open the door while she was reading a book?..Oh, right! Otherwise Amanda looses the part of the main actress, sorry, you are right!

Practically, according to Judge Giancarlo Massei’s reconstruction the story goes on like this : while Amanda and Raffaele went back to having sex, Rudy Guede comes out of the bathroom, after listening to some songs on his ipod, he is overwhelmed by the SEXUAL VIBRATIONS that Amanda and Raffaele were releasing in the house’s hallway and the bedroom….

WTF Giancarlo, this is tough shit! Not even Dario Argento could come up with something like that…. “SEXUAL VIBRATIONS”....WTF you are a genius!! Give me five!...but the best part is still to come: when Guedé smells the SEXUAL VIBRATIONS, all of a sudden he is possessed and decides by all means that he has to have sexual intercourse with Meredith.. and ventures in her room and, being rejected, because, poor soul, he is ugly, Raffaele and Amanda get into the action and at that point don’t help Meredith who is their friend, but, to the contrary and unexpectedly, they help Rudy Guede to rape Meredith and then finish her up cutting her throat…

All three had knives: Rudy had a past as a thief, he used to burglarize offices and apartments with the same “modus operandi” that he used to get in in via della Pergola, moreover he has been captured while sleeping in a kindergarten in Milano with a knife in his bag. Raffaele had always a little collector knife in his pocket: never mind that he never used it to hurt anybody in his life, there are no traces of anybody else on his little knife ….Amanda… and Amanda? Judge Massei says that she used an enormous kitchen knife she got from the “looser” Raffaele’s house and put it in her purse…. why?? because…YOU NEVER KNOW (a 15 cm knife can always be useful …).. Massei says.

But the poor Meredith was a small build girl, her wounds are not that big and that knife would have gone through the neck because of how big it is… there isn’t blood on that knife nor Meredith’s DNA because the analysis of the scientific police are completely unreliable, not having been in compliance with international protocols. There are no bleach traces. What the police says are hypothesis never proved.

Come on, details! But there are no traces of Amanda and Raffaele on the crime scene, there are only Guede’s, everywhere. How is it possible that they were cleaned, where are the traces of the cleaning??! Come on do not break our balls! This is just details, let me see this movie!

What about that little bra hook? There are 5 different profiles…all on the iron part of the hook, nothing on the fabric: it has been found 46 days after the “polizia scientifica” swept the crime scene, and in the meantime the police had swept the scene several times with no anti-contamination precautions and put upside down the whole apartment. There isn’t Raffaele profile on that hook: if that mix of traces is properly read, you can find anybody’s DNA.

Do you want to stop with these bothersome things?!! Let’s finish watching this movie!! Massei concludes: we don’t know why Amanda and Raffaele chose to kill Meredith, but we have to accept their choice. THE EVIL CHOICE. Probably under the influence, because they didn’t despise her, taking into account that they said that they smoked a joint… unfortunately nobody tested to check if Amanda and Raffaele used heavy drugs or were in the habit of binge drinking. WTF! Great job! You weld The Exorcist and Lethal Weapon!! Giancarlo you are my idol!!!!


Alternative translation: 'Zorba'

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Raffaele Sollecito: My Real Meeting With Amanda Knox

By Candace Dempsey

July 2, 2013

The Italian Supreme Court revived the sex game theory that prosecutors abandoned at your first trial, then claiming the murder had no motive. Are orgies common at Italian universities?

No, sex games and orgies are common in frustrated minds with serious sociopathic illnesses.

The press claims you and Amanda only recently reconnected, but haven’t you always been in touch?

Yes, always. Skype, email, Google chat, anything. When we were in prison, I started writing to her in 2008, against the advice of my lawyers and my family. I missed her and we were in the same situation for such a long time. I just wanted to talk to her.

And she wrote back?

Yes, immediately. We couldn’t talk about the case, that was forbidden. We could only talk about our feelings. It helped a lot. I didn’t feel alone in this drama, this tragedy.

What was your life like after the acquittals? She went to the U.S., you enrolled at the University of Verona, where you’ve nearly completed a master’s degree in computing.

Everything was spinning like crazy. I needed to rebuild my life all over again and get used to this new life, which is very difficult to do. Everything was upside down. I changed colleges, I changed cities. I have lots of friends, but circumstances took me far away from them, and I had to develop other friendships and start all over again. One, two, three, four times. I don’t even know how many times.On the other hand, I’m lucky because I have so many friends. My book tour in the U.S. was very exciting. I met a lot of interesting people and there were great places to visit everywhere.

When you and Amanda saw each other again, outside of jail for the first time in Seattle, you were very nervous. Why?

There was a lot of anxiety. The air was thick with it. It was nothing, really, just something psychological inside me. It was this puppet thing that the media dreamed up, that I was her puppet. I have wounds in my heart that are still bleeding, but not because of her. Never because of her.

Tell us about the night you learned that the acquittals had been overturned.

I was rebuilding my life. It was hard, but I had a lot of joy and hope. Then it was a real nightmare. I didn’t think anything like that would happen. I was afraid they would put me back into the flames of hell. I couldn’t believe it. I thought it was just ridiculous, but in the end it was real. After a while I realized that they just love to play with other people’s lives to build up their careers and look good in the public eye.

Did you talk to Amanda about it?

Yes, in New York. Her mind was blown. She thinks there’s something deeply wrong in all of this. She wants to go on with her life and thinks it’s so unfair that a person can be held in this nightmare seemingly forever.

For a long time, you refused to speak out. What’s changed?

I’m tired of waiting for them to realize what a terrible thing they’re doing. I’m tired of being silent for fear of powerful people. I’ve already gone through three processes (ndr. pretrial, trial, appeal). They’ve discussed the same things, over and over again.

Who is “they”?

Everyone involved in the prosecution.

Tell us how you’re living now.

I’m staying with my relatives in the U.S. I haven’t stayed anywhere more than two months since I got out of prison, because I need to make money and find career opportunities. My life sucks at the moment.

What do you think will happen in court this fall?

I don’t know. People have to understand that evil can be in any person in the world and it doesn’t matter if this person is a governor, a prosecutor, or a police officer. When you have the power and you get something wrong, you can lose your mind and you will never think that it’s wrong just because of your pride.

What would you like people to understand about you and Amanda?

We are very well-educated young people and all these charges don’t make sense at all. There’s no reason for us to have committed such a crime. And any theory of it … it’s just a movie fantasy. We are innocent, honest, and reliable. I want us to be free and exonerated as we deserve. To have the possibility to move forward and bring our lives to a better future, doing what we choose.

What life do you dream of?

I’m dreaming of having a nice villa with a woman whom I love deeply and she loves me back, a big affectionate dog, a lot of children and a beautiful career in the profession I’ve dedicated myself to.

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(in Italian). Duration: 14'20''

Host: Stefano Vaccaro

July 3, 2013

Raffaele Sollecito radio interview July 3, 2013.mp3


Interview in New York with Raffaele Sollecito: "The Italian justice system is like a roulette"

By Stefano Vaccara

July 6, 2013


Translation: Google

Raffaele, you're here in New York for about a month and a half, because you came to the United States?

First of all let me say that I grant this interview pro bono, because since I was a teenager I've always been a supporter of the radical and then Radical Radio. I came here for a month and a half, first of all to visit a part of my family is American, and that several members of our family in Italy had never known. On the other hand I'm pulling out the funds necessary for my defense through the network of supporters that I have here in the United States. I'm doing interviews in fact, to make public the situation and explain the tremendous injustice that I am living. And on the other hand also to be able to support me financially for the next battle I face.

So for your legal battle you think that staying here in the United States can give you more chances to find, as well as on the economic side, also a moral, emotional support? Do you feel here in a situation more comfortable than staying in Italy with regard to your story, you feel better in America than in Italy right now?

At this time I would say that Italians are very influenced by the bad publicity that has always been done on this case by the Italian media, and I get a lot of support here; that is why I wrote a book, with the American publisher Simon and Schuster; and it is because they are highly sensitive to cases of injustice here, as the rules, the laws that are here in the United States for what concerns civil rights, are much more restrictive and clear ... But in Italy it seems you can go ahead against a person making wide-ranging processes, and no one can ever put an end to it, so someone at the height of his power can continue to repeat the process against the accused.

Although, to be honest, Friday I'd attended a lecture here at the UN where accused and the death penalty were put the United States, with for example the case of the West Memphis Three, of those sentenced to death, but after 18 years in jail were found not guilty. So let's say that even here in the United States there is a problem with justice ...

Yes, of course there is the problem with justice everywhere. I speak of the sensitivity cases. Because, in the case of West Memphis, where I noticed that there are similarities on how the survey was conducted, as the prosecutor led the charges, there are similarities that are staggering.

Can you tell us something about these analogies with your case?

The obsession with an accusatory theory against these guys, mostly circumstantial; unfortunately you could not find solid evidence of the crime also because this was done outdoors and not indoors; there are many differences on the crime itself. But the strategy and will to accuse, which continued with a theory at least, implausible and absurd against these guys, to the point of not giving them space for any kind of theory different and there was in fact the obstinacy of accusation itself. These guys have not had the chance to defend themselves, but obviously the case in itself is very different. But once it became clear after years and years, the state and the system tried to remedy the damage, in my case, however, the state is perpetuating error and this thing is quite regrettable.

So right now you do not trust the Italian justice system?

I do not ... simply the Italian justice system has become like a roulette wheel, in the sense that you never know what will happen to you, so I'm afraid of how these people who accuse me, they have this huge power and use this power to destroy my life, taking this case as very personal. I saw recently the head of the judiciary of Perugia, would be the chief prosecutor, who in a press conference said words like "we won" or "the Court of Cassation has proved us right." I was shocked by these words, because I did not understand what kind of fight is this or if maybe it's a game where there are people in teams that are mutually [scoring] goals, this thing leaves me somewhat perplexed and helpless because we are talking about human lives. It is not a battle. And the fact that they would have it taken so personally, I'm terribly afraid of how they are dealing with this. Besides, there is another thing to consider which to me is worthy of note, is that during the appeal process when there was the judgment, many people from the police station of Perugia, Perugia and environments of the prosecution were all in back row, leaning against the wall, in uniform, waiting for the ruling in disapproval. This thing is a clear sign of their personal position in the matter and it was, I can also list other episodes, where it is seen clearly that the Perugia police and investigators in my case, have taken on the issue as if they would somehow win the battle or prove something by force in order to be in some way .... to be right in what they say.

Since you arrived in the United States have had no contact with Amanda? Have you heard [from her]?

Of course, we met by chance in New York because she had to come here to talk with her publicist and I was here by my family.

Because she is just out for about a month with her new book ...

If we met, we met one day, and by chance it happened that we met on the day that the ruling came out, namely the reasons for judgment of the Supreme Court and this thing obviously did not give us a good meeting, in the sense that it was a day a little troubled and just because we were wondering why there is this fury.

But she understood, she can, since she has spent so many years now in Italy, is able to understand the Italian judicial system or is it even for her a mysterious object?

But let's say that it is a mysterious object a bit for all I think. On the other hand of course she was much puzzled by the attitude and the decision itself, not in understanding the system itself. Also because of this step, a person can ... let's say for the prosecution it means nothing how many times a person can be tried, so they can always have recourse to the Supreme Court which can delay the whole process, because maybe did not like the judgment.

Since you're here, in the United States, of course you're in touch with your lawyers, with your family, with your friends, but when you look at what has changed your story from America, there is something that you see different, maybe there's something you've become more aware of here, that will be more shiny, more clear, or, conversely, even more complicated, is it?

Let's say for how the facts are, I know them perfectly so there is no complication of the facts themselves. And that looking at things in a more rational way, are even more baffled and are even more disapproval than the methodologies and how things are carried out in our case. The audience from the beginning in this process ... I have been thrown into prison for the clues that had no substance and the evidence against me has changed during my detention. That is, they did the investigation and they come up with other tests during my incarceration, not before going to prison. I spent more than a week without talking to any lawyer, because I was banned from a document that the prosecutor has never put on record and has always said he had but that never came out. I was not given the opportunity to discuss the DNA evidence during all the years of my imprisonment. The precise moment when I had the chance to have an appraisal by an independent expert called by the court on the DNA and the evidence was only on appeal, there has never before been an opportunity for me to discuss what the Police had made, as there has always been denied the possibility to access the raw data that relate to the expert reports made by forensic police.

The last question. You're still young, you're 29 years old, from here in 10 years Raffaele Sollecito, where you see yourself? What do you think will [happen]? Are you optimistic or pessimistic about your future and where you see yourself, in Italy or in another country?

I honestly do not know what to think of my future. First of all I want to build one, no matter what it is, I have the opportunity to do so. I am an optimist, or I would not be here to fight this battle, I am optimistic of character and live for ... Basically my personality is based on my dreams and emotions that I can have during daily life which can be a caress, a hug, l have a person next door who shares with me every moment of life, can be a woman that I love. And what are the dreams in my life have always been, simple things, like for example, have a nice family. Having a woman that I love and who reciprocates my love or have a big dog and many children or have the chance to do in my work what I like most. I have always dreamed to program video games and to be able to succeed in this, with my creativity and my imagination and my dreams and my hopes.



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Sollecito's Facebook Page:


Raffaele Sollecito on Twitter:


Sollecito's Blog:


Ask Raffaele Sollecito


Sollecito's Go Fund Me page (closed):

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Raffaele Sollecito's two phone calls to police on November 02, 2007

These are the two phone calls placed by Raffaele Sollecito to police dialing 112 on November 2nd, 2007. The first call was made at 12:51 pm and the second call was made at 12:54 pm.

The first phone call is 2:09 minutes long and the second call is 59 seconds long.

Transcript of the first phone call, 12:51 pm on November 02, 2007

Police: "Carabinieri."
Raffaele Sollecito: "Pronto buongiorno senta … qualcuno è praticamente entrato in casa sfondando la finestra e ha messo molto disordine c'è una porta chiusa … la via è …"
Amanda Knox (in background): "Via della Pergola."
Raffaele Sollecito: "Via della Pergola 7."
Police: "Via …?"
Raffaele Sollecito: "Della Pergola 7, a Perugia."
Police: "Via della Pergola 7. Abitazione signor?"
Raffaele Sollecito: "Ehhhmm … Amanda."
Police: "Eh?"
Raffaele Sollecito: "La chi ci abita dentro … ehh … sono un gruppo di studenti."
Police: "Mi dia il nome ed il cellulare di uno degli affittuari."
Raffaele Sollecito: "Amanda."
Police: "Si."
Raffaele Sollecito: "Il cognome K, N."
Police: "Si."
Raffaele Sollecito: "O, X."
Police: "Si."
Raffaele Sollecito: "Il numero di cellulare … ehhh."
Police: "Pronto?"
Raffaele Sollecito: "Si, si. C'è la qui il numero"
[Long pause]
Raffaele Sollecito: "348"
Police: "Si."
Raffaele Sollecito: "46"
Police: "Si."
Raffaele Sollecito: "73"
Police: "Si."
Raffaele Sollecito: "590"
Police: "590?"
Raffaele Sollecito: "Si."
Police: "Furto in abitazione?"
Raffaele Sollecito: "No, Non c'è furto … hanno rotto la finestra … molto disordine ... c'è pure una porta chiusa … pure disordine."
Police: "[inaudible]"
[Music plays for 5 seconds]
Police: "Pronto?"
Raffaele Sollecito: "Si."
Police: "Allora guardi, praticamente sono entrati … hanno rotto un vetro … e come sa che sono entrati?"
Raffaele Sollecito: "Si vede dai segni. Ci sono pure le macchie di sangue nel bagno."
Police: "Cioè sono entrati … perché sono rotti … si sono tagliati rompendo il vetro?
Raffaele Sollecito: "Ehhh … [talking to Amanda Knox] cosa fai?"
Police: "Pronto?"
[Raffaele Sollecito hangs up the phone]

Translation to English of the first phone call, 12:51 pm on November 02, 2007

Police: "Carabinieri."
Raffaele Sollecito: "Hello ... hello someone has practically entered the house by breaking the window and he made a mess ... there is a locked door ... the street is ..."
Amanda Knox (in the background): "Via della Pergola."
Raffaele Sollecito: "Via della Pergola 7."
Police: "Via ...?"
Raffaele Sollecito: "Della Pergola 7, in Perugia."
Police: "Via della Pergola 7. Residence of Mr. ...?"
Raffaele Sollecito: "Ehhhmm ... Amanda."
Police: "Eh?"
Raffaele Sollecito: "The people who live there ... ehh ... they are a group of students."
Police: "Give me the name and mobile number of one of the tenants."
Raffaele Sollecito: "Amanda."
Police: "Yes"
Raffaele Sollecito: "The last name K, N."
Police: "Yes"
Raffaele Sollecito: "O, X."
Police: "Yes"
Raffaele Sollecito: "The mobile number ... ehhh."
Police: "Hello?"
Raffaele Sollecito: "Yes, yes. Here is the number."
[Long pause]
Raffaele Sollecito: "348"
Police: "Yes"
Raffaele Sollecito: "46"
Police: "Yes"
Raffaele Sollecito: "73"
Police: "Yes"
Raffaele Sollecito: "590"
Police: "590?"
Raffaele Sollecito: "Yes"
Police: "Theft?"
Raffaele Sollecito: "No, there is no theft ... they broke the window ... there is a mess ... there is also a closed door ... a mess."
Police: "[inaudible]"
[Music plays for 5 seconds]
Police: "Hello?"
Raffaele Sollecito: "Yes"
Police: "Then listen, practically they entered ... they broke a glass ... and how do you know that they entered?"
Raffaele Sollecito: "There are signs. There are also blood stains in the bathroom."
Police: "So they entered. .. because they are broken ... have they cut themselves breaking the glass?
Raffaele Sollecito: "Ehhh ... [talking to Amanda Knox] What are you doing?"
Police: "Hello?"
[Raffaele Sollecito hangs up the phone]

This transcript is based on the one done by Popper and the missing parts have been completed with the help of members Zorba and Malvern.

Transcript and translation for the second phone call will follow soon.

Call 1:

Call 2:

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Amanda Knox: Raffaele Sollecito claims police wanted him to FRAME her over Meredith Kercher’s murder

By Bob Graham

September 14, 2013

“Detectives were trying to make a deal with me. They had guards coming to my cell saying I should distance myself from Amanda.”

“They meant if I said I was sleeping or don’t remember things, I would allow the prosecution to catch Amanda.”

"They said if I did, I’d be released ­immediately. They did not persuade me. It was the most sneaky situation. I couldn’t invent anything.”

But he still “feared Amanda” and added: “I knew her for a short time, a week, and in reality I did not really know this woman.”

“I was scared because she was out of control at the police station. She had been making crazy statements and everything was just wrong.”

"I thought she could make a deal to blame me. I was scared of that.”


Sollecito's rebuttal to Bob Graham's article in the MIRROR:

Sollecito's email to The Mirror.jpg

Image: courtesy of 'jeffski'

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PostPosted: Wed Jan 08, 2014 11:37 pm   Post subject: Re: RAFFAELE SOLLECITO'S OWN WORDS   


Sollecito asked for donations to his defense fund: he is on a month-long vacation in the Caribbean

By Roberta Catania

September 28, 2013

Translation: Google + Guermantes

He asked for money to fight in court against "the giant Goliath," at least "$500,000 for expert opinions fees," but now we see him soak in the Caribbean Sea. [...] The idea of starting a collection on-line to pay court costs had not been very well received by the people of the Internet. Now, however, the young man from Puglia is really under attack. People flooded his blog and his Facebook page asking if the money would be used in going to get a little suntan...



Sollecito's response to his donors and supporters on his FB page:

Raffaele Sollecito on FB wrote:
"For all those who wonder where I get the money to go to the Dominican Republic, I never gave my consent to release my photos and personal information. Who did it should be ashamed, because it is an act lowest and petty. I have nothing to hide if you do not protect my privacy. I am a guest of a friend of Sassuolo who invited me ... she is an advocate and I'm glad to have good people who believe in me and in the end I deserve it. The collection for legal fees is still intact and certainly I do not use that money for my travel... I will use that money when I have to pay just the cost of the new trial and if ever we advance to the end of it all, I'll give the rest to charity for research."
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Meredith murder, Raffaele Sollecito: "It is the image of Amanda Knox that blemishes me"

By Andrea Biavardi and Daniela Uva

November 20, 2013

Translation: Google + Guermantes


"You ask if Amanda does damage to my reputation? In a way, yes. Not as a person, but her image. The character that has been created, causing problems for me. Would I have liked to see her return to Italy, like me, to participate in the trial? Definitely yes, it would have been a nice gesture. But I do not blame her for not doing so, she is an American citizen and the law gives this possibility. But I am Italian. I have always fought alone in this story, with the help of my family and my lawyers. I will continue to do so. And if I am convicted by a final verdict, I will stand before the gates of a prison."

THE ONLY INTERVIEW We are in Bisceglie, near Bari, in a hotel a few steps from the house where the family of Raffaele Sollecito, 29, lives since 2000. The boy accused, together with his ex-girlfriend Amanda Knox, of the murder of Meredith Kercher, who was killed in her home in Perugia on November 1, 2007, has decided to break his silence with the Giallo [magazine]. And it's the first time he speaks with the press since November 5, the day when he returned to Italy to attend the hearings of the second appeal trial, in Florence. He will not release anymore interviews until January 10, the day of the [appeal] judgement. The verdict could hold many surprises. On the one hand, there is the defense of Raffaele, who fights on the grounds of a lack of evidence. There is the kitchen knife considered to be the murder weapon. That knife belonged to Raffaele, was found in his house. And on the handle was found a DNA trace of Amanda. Raffaele Sollecito says: "Of course, we were using it together to cook, to cut bread and potatoes." This was stated in the courtroom in Florence. All have seen him crying while once again professing his innocence. Meanwhile, Italy is still divided in two: on one side there are those who see him as guilty, dominated by the diabolical American; on the other, there are those who believe his words. But everyone, absolutely everyone, is asking the same question: what kind of justice is there in Italy? How can two people be condemned to 25 years imprisonment for murder in the first degree trial and then absolved for having not committed the crime? Who's wrong: the judges at first instance or those in second [trial]? Or both, with the result that we do not know the truth? Will it ever be known? Sollecito says the truth is there. And he chose to tell it to Giallo


Giallo - N. 32 - 20 Novembre 2013

Sollecito: "Yes, Amanda's image has hurt me"
(Browse summary/preview)

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"If an interrogation an excuse, why couldn't he ask?"
Sentenced for the murder of Mez: baffled by the words of the judge

By Guido Ruotolo

February 3, 2014

Translation: Google + Guermantes

Talking to each other quietly, Greta and Raffaele. They ask me: do you like Indian [food]? It's raining, and just a few minutes [walking] distance from it as if it were a curfew in force in Treviso. A large desert.
"After six years, I can not afford to see a future. Why won't they give me a chance?" "It's hard to be optimistic in this situation. I'm unconnected with the facts. I did not kill anyone."
Controversy in these hours over the considerations of the President of the Court of Assizes of Appeal of Florence, Alessandro Nencini, on his [Sollecito's] silence in the courtroom that could have effected a different outcome of the trial process...

"If only they had asked me ... I was in the courtroom to not just warm my chair. I was available. The President Nencini told me that, if I had wanted to take the floor, I would have been welcome. I was available but in all these years no prosecutor or judge has ever made a sign, has ever turned to me asking me to respond, clarify or defend. I find considerations of the President of the Court puzzling. And then, as if my statements could have really changed the course of the trial because no one felt the need to question me?".

But is it true that you wanted to run away? The other night, the day of the verdict, you had been to Austria and then returned?

"Run away? You will not believe me but I thought the other night of an acquittal. If I had wanted to lose my tracks I would not have waited till the last minute, I would have done it once released from prison. But I'm fighting for the truth and I will do it with all my strength."

Does he think of living in Santo Domingo?

"That was recent, last year. And it was a trip to open up the prospect of work. No, the flight I would have had to plan and implement before, once released from prison in 2011."

During lunch, Raffaele often returns to the question of his contribution to the debate that could have changed the outcome of the trial. It's a rump that he can't swallow.

"I read that I had to upload all on Amanda. The truth is that there was nothing against me. There was a memorial of Amanda, who to me had not said anything [incriminating]. Meredith, I had seen her a few times but I had never spoken [to her]. So mine was a superficial knowledge. I had never even met Rudy. And this judge that talks about this thing, that murder could happen between young people on a night out? No, I do not recognize myself in the image of a depressed from strange delusions. I was living a happy life. Because [they] paint me as the one who participates in a murder for solidarity. I was not there. And at the crime scene my traces not found."

Controversial examination on Meredith's bra clasp, torn off, which would be a proof of his presence [at the crime scene]. Disputed are the bloody footprints on the bath mat, detected during examination with Luminol. Raffaele denies everything. I try a provocation: in statements at his first stop in the police station he once admitted that perhaps Amanda reappeared at his home in the late evening.

"It was a misunderstanding. I was under pressure and could not figure out what day they were referring to. If the day before or the day after. Besides, they [the cops] in the questioning were very threatening."

But didn't it seem strange to Raffaele that the next morning, November 2, she went back to her house to take a shower? She could not have it at his home?

"Indeed. Ask her. However, when she returned home to me, she asked me if it was normal that the door of Via della Pergola was open, and there were small traces of blood in the bathroom, but said nothing of disorder in Romanelli's room; I noticed that instead when I went to Amanda's house."

Amanda again and again, almost an obsession.

"Her memorial? I don't know how it went. I am not the person in charge of her statements. I can not accuse her because I know nothing. To be honest: I have no memory of that night without her. In short, I do not remember."

But was Amanda a " luciferina"?

"Like all women, much more elusive. I'd known her for such a short time that I wouldn't be able to make a final judgment. She sure was cheerful, expansive, "Alice in Wonderland". Today she has changed."

Raffaele disarming, when answering the question:

"How I think it went that night? Does not concern me. I was not there. I am a stranger and I'm not the one who has to find answers. Rudy Guede had been suspected of having committed previous robberies in an identical manner. Broken glass, climbing [through a window], entering an apartment. I was at my house that night. Between 21 and 21:30. Before that, I watched "The Fabulous Destiny of Amelie Poulain", then opened a file of an episode of "Naruto". On the pillow of Mez there was also a semen stain never analyzed. I had nothing to do with it and yet they decided that I had to be necessarily in the circle [of suspects]."

He is almost defensive, pleading he is out of time.

"How sad - he says as he pulls on his coat - what happened to me can happen to anyone. Why all this rage against an innocent man?"


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Raffaele Sollecito speaks against the judge: "The declarations of Nencini are aberrant"

In an exclusive interview with the weekly Oggi, the young man is attacking the judge who sentenced him to 25 years.

February 5, 2014

Translation: Google + Guermantes

"ABERRANT STATEMENTS" - Raffaele Sollecito did not mince words in today's interview, the first after the final judgment against him: "I would have sided with Guede when she [Knox] fought with Meredith for cleaning in the bathroom and I would have helped to stab her. This was suggested by the Attorney General in the indictment to justify the crime. This was confirmed by the President of the Court in his aberrant statements commenting on the judgment."

MINISTERIAL INSPECTION - So says Raffaele Sollecito in an interview with the weekly magazine Oggi, on newsstands tomorrow. Sollecito is hard on Alessandro Nencini, President of the Assize Court of Appeal which sentenced him to 25 years, the subject of controversy and a ministerial inspection for his words after the sentence.

"NO ONE HAS EVER ASKED THE DEFENCE ... " - Nencini, among other things, said Sollecito had never agreed to undergo an interrogation, [he] issued just spontaneous statements and did not accept cross-examination. "No one has ever asked me," says Sollecito to Oggi. "The prosecutor of Perugia, prosecutor Mignini, should have done it, instead he confined himself to assisting in the interrogation of guarantee of the GIP*) [Matteini]. Neither of the plaintiffs asked that I be questioned. I was available. And why, in any case, this would have to worsen my position? What would have changed? What could I add to what I said? But the president had gone further (and here Raffaele rages, ed.) He also said 'that the murder matured so that if Amanda that night had gone to work for Lumumba, Meredith would still be alive. Things among young people [ragazzi] on a night out... '. Was he hallucinating? As if I get up in the morning, I have nothing to do and say, I'm going to kill a girl today. But what does it mean 'things among guys [young people]?' ".

"GRETA LOVES ME" - About the girl with whom he spent the hours before and after the judgment, Greta Menegaldo, Sollecito said: "Greta is close to me because she loves me, but she is not my girlfriend. Perspectives that I can offer at this moment on this girl? Leave her out of this. It's not fair. [She has] Nothing to do [with it]."

*) GIP - Giudice per le indagini preliminari (Judge in charge of preliminary investigations)


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Meeting Raffaele Sollecito

By Ruth Alexander

February 27, 2014


On the day last month when the latest verdict was announced, the police found Sollecito near the Italian border and removed his passport. He remains free while he makes his final appeal to the Supreme Court. But if - probably in a year's time - the verdict is upheld, he'll be sent to prison to serve a 25-year sentence.

He heard the news on a car radio.

"I was expecting an acquittal. And, as soon as they said guilty verdict, I was shocked," he says.

"And I said to myself 'Wow whatever, whatever you do, you have to face the Italians - just go back and be quiet, be logical and take a moment to breathe and try to understand what has gone wrong.' It was a very traumatic moment."

Is he frightened, I ask?

"Of course I'm frightened."

"I'm inside this hell. And I really don't know if it'll end or not."

"It feels like you will never end your pain or your suffering, just because they decided it and they have the power to do that."

Sollecito's account of what he was doing the night Meredith Kercher was killed in 2007 has always been vague.

"I remember that I had the dinner very late during the night but I cannot remember clearly what I did in my house with Amanda," he says. "I remember just that we enjoyed the fact that we were together. Basically, we had a very tranquil night."

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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Sollecito presser Rome July 1, 2014.jpg

Raffaele Sollecito (C) at a press conference in Rome; he is flanked by his lawyers Giulia Bongiorno (L) and Luca Maori (R)

Sollecito at the press conference (VIDEO, duration:1:33 min):


Amanda Knox's Ex-Beau Raffaele Sollecito Says Evidence Points To His Innocence

By Frances D'Emilio

He [Raffaele Sollecito} noted the court accepted findings that a Knox text message, shortly before the murder, to the owner of a Perugia pub where she worked, had been sent while outside Sollecito's house.


Sollecito's lawyer Giulia Bongiorno said their appeal would also revolve around a text message which Knox claims to have sent while with Sollecito at his house the night of the murder. "This text message, according to the court's own ruling, was not sent from his house. Therefore the pair were not together," she said.

MSN NEWS (link has expired)

These assertions (bolded) are absolutely false.

An excerpt from the Florence Court of Appeal's ruling (Judge Nencini Report):

Later, at precisely 20:35 and 48 seconds, when Amanda Marie Knox sent a text message to Patrick Lumumba, connecting to a mast serving 130 Via Garibaldi, both were once again ... together at Raffaele Sollecito’s home.

Read the full excerpt from Judge Nencini's Report:

Except from Judge Nencini Report, pp. 117-118.doc

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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Sollecito at the presser.jpg

Raffaele Sollecito switches defence strategy to potentially incriminate Knox (VIDEO)

By Tom Kington

Sollecito said he could not guarantee Knox's presence at his apartment for the entire evening of the murder. But he said he believed she was innocent.

"I am not the guarantor of Amanda Knox, I am Raffaele Sollecito," he said.


Read more about Raffaele Sollecito's Press Conference: viewtopic.php?p=121317#p121317

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PostPosted: Wed Feb 11, 2015 11:25 pm   Post subject: Re: RAFFAELE SOLLECITO'S OWN WORDS   


January-February, 2013

Created by: Jools

January 22-24, 2013

_RS_ask_fm_JAN22_24 _.doc

RaffaeleSollecito_ ask_fm.pdf

January 25, 2013

Ask.fm RaffaeleSollecito 01.25.2013.pdf

Please follow the links below to read more Q&A's with Raffaele Sollecito:

January 26-27: http://www.perugiamurderfile.org/viewto ... 64#p125364
January 28: http://www.perugiamurderfile.org/viewto ... 98#p125398
January 29-30: http://www.perugiamurderfile.org/viewto ... 14#p125614
February 2: http://www.perugiamurderfile.org/viewto ... 38#p125738
February 13: http://www.perugiamurderfile.org/viewto ... 41#p126241

You do not have the required permissions to view the files attached to this post.
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Document created by: Jools

RaffaeleSollecito LinkedIn.pdf

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Kelsey Kay is the young American woman Raffaele Sollecito attempted to marry in 2013 in an effort to gain permanent residence (or a Green Card) in the U.S. and avoid jail in Italy. Kelsey lives in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho.

Amanda Knox’s Ex-Boyfriend’s Desperate Affair!

(screenshots of Sollecito's texts/conversations with Kelsey Kay)

January 22, 2014

Star spoke exclusively with Kelsey Kay, a single mother who friend requested the 29-year-old on Facebook in July 2013. During their very first online conversation, he brought up marriage — his visa would expire in August, and if they wed, he’d be free from further prosecution. Six days later, Raffaele flew to Kelsey’s town in Idaho so they could get to know one another.


Read more: viewtopic.php?p=117693#p117693

Read also: Kelsey Kaypernick Interview Regarding Raffaele Sollecito (February 2015)

Part 1: viewtopic.php?p=124990#p124990
Part 2: viewtopic.php?p=125025#p125025
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November 6, 2013

Sollecito in the courtroom, Nov 6, 2013 False evidence against me.jpg

Raffaele Sollecito: 'You don't understand my life'

(VIDEO, duration: 2'09")

"I would like to make you understand that these charges against me are absurd," Sollecito said. "There was not a basis to charge me, to put me in jail. ... I don't wish anybody on Earth to go through what I went through." "For me, it's a nightmare that goes beyond imagination..."

"Hallucinatory accusations against me, I am not a murderer..." "I have been described as a ruthless killer but I am nothing of the sort..." "I never went to parties obsessively, never loved liquor, but I may have smoked a couple of joints, but that doesn't change who I am psychologically. I want to be known for what I am, an honest person of a respectable family."

"I am the victim of a crazy persecution that for me has no logic and seems like an unimaginable nightmare. If this story was not real, it would be difficult to believe." "I don't really have a life any more."

"Even today, six years later I still have to listen to this kind of things that are out of touch. I have great respect for the role of judges but, as they are human, they can also make mistakes. It hurts when I read in the judgment of the Supreme Court that there are various points taken into consideration by the [same] court -- to which it gives importance -- but they have none. Aviello, the witness, who [you] had the sense to listen to so much, is [at] the pinnacle of embarrassment. And then the DNA on the bra clasp. Apart from other items to prop up this absurd sandcastle of evidence [against me]. And then the bare foot print. I have a defect in my foot that removes all doubt about the fact that the footprint is not mine. I did not know Rudy Guede, I knew Meredith very little, it makes no sense that I would have had an interest in doing something so heinous to a twenty-year-old. This thing has been going on for too many years, my life has changed completely. I was offered the chance to go on vacation in the Dominican Republic by a dear friend. Even there I had to defend myself. Had I been anyone, nobody would have brought attention to this, but in my position I get all kinds of comments and I have to protect myself from them and justify what I do. Even things as simple and trivial as wanting to be out of the spotlight, here in Italy are constantly in the spotlight. Looking for a job is difficult because every company interested in employing me should publicly say that they are hiring Raffaele Sollecito, still under judgment, a likely murderer. Nobody wants publicity of this kind and it is understandable."

"Amanda was my first true love. Amanda was carefree. She and I wanted to be isolated in our nest of desire in a little fairy tale. We were thinking of anything but the distorted, scornful vision of humanity of which we are being accused by the whole world. I want you to understand how absurd the accusations against us are."

"I humbly request you to please look at the reality of the situation and consider the immense wrong that has been done. I appeal to you to give an Italian like you the possibility of having a life."

Read more: http://www.perugiamurderfile.net/viewto ... 66#p114966
View more videos: http://www.perugiamurderfile.net/viewto ... 68#p114968

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Sollecito and the nightmare of prison. "I'll be in the courtroom, I’m not running away"

By Erika Pontini

March 22, 2015

Translation: Google + Guermantes

Read full translation:: http://www.perugiamurderfile.net/viewto ... 38#p125238

You have repeatedly said: 'Eight years of life destroyed' and now, in view of what could be the last judgment, if you look back, what do you see?

"Eight years, four of which in prison, in which I desperately tried to prove my absolute strangeness to the death of poor Meredith. During this time (outside of prison) I have tried in every possible way to move forward: I managed to graduate, to complete the course of study that allowed me to get a degree in computer engineering, I qualified as a professional and ... yes, I'm looking for work."

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Amanda Knox's Ex Raffaele Sollecito: 'I Believed in Her Innocence'

By Michele Corriston

March 31, 2015

"At times, I realize that I do not yet feel a complete sense of freedom," he says. "I was trapped in this for so long that now I won't be able to switch back to how my life was before. Part of me will never be the same. Part of me is destroyed."

"Our entire family has gathered, and there was a frenzy of happiness and shouts, screams of joy. At a certain point, I was so overwhelmed that I had a moment that I did not realize where I actually was." (...) "Out of all the possible outcomes of the case, this was just a far glimmer of hope. It was really the remotest of chances. We were preparing, in the best-case scenario, to go back for a retrial."

"I am obviously very happy for Amanda, since I knew from the start that she had nothing to with it and I believed in her innocence..." (...) "But now it is time to move on. I no longer want this tragedy to tie us together."

"I no longer want to be known as 'Amanda Knox's former Italian boyfriend.' I want to be known for something else than being connected by the prosecutors to a gruesome murder in which I had no part. I prefer to be known as Raffaele Sollecito, the guy who faced all of this and came through at the other end."

"I still have a hard time in doing even the most basic things, like smiling. I have to remind myself of how to even smile." (...) "People will say to me: 'Hey! Cheer up! It's all over! Smile!' But for me it hasn't really sunken in."


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March 30, 2015


Raffaele Sollecito (C) speaks to the press at the Convention Center Cavour in Rome, after the final acquittal in the Supreme Court of the charge of murdering Meredith Kercher. With him are his father Francesco, sister Vanessa and lawyers Giulia Bongiorno (L), Luca Maori (R) and Francesco Mastro.

Raffaele Sollecito to reporters: "Do not ever call me a murderer"

A press conference with his lawyers, in Rome: "This story had to end like this, now back to normal life." Lawyer Bongiorno: "We'll evaluate a compensation claim"

“I thank all those who helped me: without their support I would not have had the strength to get this far. I especially thank my father, my lawyers and my family." After the acquittal for the murder of Meredith Kercher, Raffaele Sollecito spoke with reporters during a press conference in Rome. "I feel like a hostage that has returned to freedom," he said. "My arrest was unbearable. I was held up as a murderer without a shred of evidence. My family has been torn apart, crumbled. It is not true that I did not expect this verdict: this story had to end this way." Now, Sollecito said, "I will no longer accept being called a murderer and am ready to protect my image in court," he warned, recommending to reporters: "Stick to the facts, exercise extreme caution."

"Now we will consider requesting compensation”

In the coming days, "we will evaluate the compensation claim" announced Sollecito's lawyer, Giulia Bongiorno. "There are no feelings of revenge in his heart," she added. "We'll wait for the motivations. Not lambaste those who were wrong. We'll see if there were errors and what initiatives could be undertaken. Civil liability - she concluded - is a serious institution, which must not be exercised in the spirit of revenge."

Surreal allegations

"The most beautiful moment that put an end to a nightmare was the call from my sister after the verdict. It was really the beginning of a new life, a return to my normal life and a chance to live as a young man of my age without this burden that prevented me from making plans and having dreams," said Sollecito. "I have an endless list of bad moments, seven years and five months are a long time", added Raffaele, noting that "the worst moment was my arrest." "I was the one who gave the alarm," he continued. "For me it was surreal to be blamed for a crime so heinous without any proof. The certainty of my innocence allowed me to hope for justice and gave me a reason to wait [for it]. After this press conference I will no longer talk about procedural documents," he added later.

Amanda: “Affection between us”

Between me and Amanda only affection: this is how Sollecito described the relationship that bound him to the Seattle girl with whom he was accused of killing Kercher. "She also celebrated with her family - said Raffaele during the press conference - and the call ended with mutual wishes for our new future." Sollecito then concluded: "I don't know if we'll be seeing each other in the future, but I have this desire to see her undaunted. We are still friends and there is no dark halo over our relationship, as has been said by many." On Sunday, Raffaele and Amanda spoke briefly on the phone, after a year of silence. We talked on the phone for a few minutes", said Sollecito to the Sun. "It was nice to hear from her, though for the majority of the phone call we cried. It was a great relief, "admitted the young Apulian to the London tabloid.

Why so much hatred towards me? "

"I can’t forget ", said Raffaele, "court papers in which I found very serious offenses against my family, I am still wondering why so much hatred. I was afraid because I felt a strong hatred towards me. I don’t know how to explain an attitude of undue contempt [towards us]. [i.e., why we were treated with contempt]. I sensed a feeling of hatred towards me and my family.”

Guede and Kercher family

Speaking of the only person convicted of the crime, Sollecito said: "I did not know Rudy Guede at all, and so I have nothing to say about him." Another lawyer of Raffaele, Luca Maori, added: "There is a person who knows how things went [that night], because the crime occurred at the hands of Rudy Guede, who was convicted with a low penalty. He must know what happened, he must above all tell Meredith’s family." And to Meredith’s family, Sollecito added: "I'm so sorry that the family of Meredith is both disappointed and upset by this judgment but this time the truth of the case coincides with the true facts. I have nothing to do with this crime, I had no reason to harbor resentment toward Meredith and to be a part of a crime so horrible. I hope that they will recognize the truth of the facts."

Maybe a book

Sollecito finally concluded: "Maybe I'll write a book, right now I just want to forget. This wound will not heal, ever, unfortunately. I would like to thank the judges who have compensated me for so much suffering. The wound will never stop bleeding, it will never heal. I’m completely alien to this whole affair."

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March 30, 2015

Knox's ex boyfriend Sollecito hails his murder acquittal (VIDEO)


Raffaele Sollecito speaks out after the acquittal:
"Woe to those who call me a murderer. I wish Amanda all the best"

Translation: Google + Guermantes

"Woe to those who call me a murderer"- The student from Puglia has warned those, who, despite full acquittal ("for not committing the crime"), insist on labeling him as the guilty who escaped unpunished. "From now on, I will not accept to be called a 'murderer' or even just a 'suspect’. Exercise caution, otherwise I’ll defend myself" [in appropriate forums with legal action].


The lawyer Giulia Bongiorno added that today is "a conference at which Raffaele wants to give a statement about his state of mind. It is not a technical conference. We do not want to redo the process; this is a meeting with journalists since otherwise you wouldn’t let him in peace. We do not intend to talk about technicalities."

The lawyer Giulia Bongiorno closed the press conference by stating that "any instances of wrongful imprisonment will have to be evaluated, but as regards the civil liability of judges, there are no feelings of revenge in the heart of Raffaele Sollecito. There is no concept that a judge who convicts and then there’s an acquittal was wrong - said the lawyer – we’re awaiting the written judgment - If there were errors, we will see. Assessments that are worth the time and effort".


Read more about Raffaele Sollecito's Press Conference: viewtopic.php?style=6&p=126700#p126700
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Published in Corriere della Sera

September 9, 2015

"The police was happy with [my] acquittal"

Raffaele: "They told me that they had always been on my side." A call from Amanda: "But now there is nothing that would tie us together"

By Raffaele Sollecito


"After closing arguments the judges finally met in private in the Council Chamber.

It was at that moment that my father announced: “Back to Bisceglie”. The tone was of the kind that does not allow contradiction. It was wiser to wait for the judgment within the walls of our house where we would be protected from all the curious [glances].

And then there he [i.e. Sollecito Sr.] was, running towards the house worried that the reading of the ruling had already occurred while we were still on the road. At home, there was my family gathered together, but also my friends. All eyes turned to me showing lots of affection. Everyone was trying to give me courage by staying positive.

But the truth was that we were shattered and terrified. The youngest in my family – my cousin Raffaele and Simona, the 21-year-old daughter of my father's wife – they couldn't hide the tension, and even Greta, who kept crying. As I found out later, my sister had told her that she thought this story would end in the worst possible way, and she [Greta] had to start accepting the idea. After all, I could understand her pessimism: Vanessa's life was destroyed by this story. She had to leave the police, and had lost all confidence in the system that she had been part of. She stayed behind [at the courthouse] in Rome, together with Prof. Milani usually present in the moments that count/matter, waiting for the session in the Council Chamber to end. She would give us the news, whatever it was.

When the lawyer Bongiorno – who, as they later told me, was so nervous that she kept running back and forth with a cigarette in hand – called me to tell that they were coming closer to the moment of hearing the ruling, all fake pretense that my relatives had worn for me to calm my nerves evaporated instantly. And the curtain rose on our anguish: some were sitting absorbed on the couch, others in a corner crying - and I felt I was dying inside.

It was very late now, and the minutes seemed to pass very slowly.

Then, all of a sudden, my dad's cell phone began to ring: it was Vanessa. The silence in the room became even more pronounced (total). Here was the truth. There was no room for illusions.

But my sister screamed: "Innocent!" All the people that had gathered around me began to shout with joy, clapping. Incredulous, I let out a small laugh from the pit of my stomach, then even I screamed, loud, louder and louder, while Dad, Mara and Greta were crying with joy and my friend Francesco [Mastro] grabbed me and gave me a ‘bear hug” enough to make me choke.

None of us could contain our happiness. I don't know how long I wandered from one part of the house to the other, laughing and hugging everyone I met on my way. Meanwhile, the phone would not stop ringing, as well as the intercom. There were lots of people who wanted to pass on their congratulations, expressing their affection. Even the policemen who had stalked me before became alive, saying that they had always been on my side. They understood that I was a good kid, and now they were happy with the way things were going to end.

Public displays of affection continued in the following days. In addition to finding my mail box daily overflowing with letters, all the time, in the streets, I came across people who stopped me, if only to shake my hand. There were those who even wept with emotion.

I also received a call from Amanda. I knew she had lived with the anguish awaiting judgment, but she, too, was now happy, as much as myself. Somehow, now, our story was really over. Only we could know, how heavy the burden was, which had weighted on us all those years. But we also realized, as we did after the first acquittal, that apart from that experience, there was nothing more that united us.

And we parted. With the same "Good luck" that we had hoped for on the day of our release [from prison.]"


Read more: viewtopic.php?style=6&p=128645#p128645
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Raffaele Sollecito's lie of having pricked Meredith Kercher with a knife

Amanda Knox and Raffaele Sollecito are both guilty of adapting their version of events according to the evidence emerging from the ongoing investigation.

This post deals with Raffaele Sollecito's lie of having pricked Meredith Kercher with his kitchen knife while cooking to innocently explain her DNA on the blade of his knife away. There has been some development concerning this lie over the years and I will start with his prison diary, where the story originated from, and then proceed in chronological order.

The Prison Diary

Raffaele Sollecito started a diary in prison and on the 18th of November 2007 he wrote that he had accidentally pricked Meredith with his kitchen knife while cooking at his apartment, after test results showed that there were traces of Meredith Kercher's DNA on the blade of his knife, near the tip.

Here are the entries for the 16th and 18th November 2007 from Raffaele Sollecito's prison diary:

November 16, 2007

I saw on TV yesterday evening that the knife that I had at home (the one from the kitchen) has traces of Meredith and Amanda (latent)... I was breathless [mi è salito in cuore in gola] and I also got into a total panic because I thought that Amanda had killed Meredith or that she had at least helped someone kill her [nell’impresa]. But I saw Tiziano today who calmed me down: he told me that the knife could not have been the murder weapon, according to the medical examiner [medico legale], and that it has nothing to do with anything because Amanda could have taken it and carried it from my house to her house since the girls didnʹt have a knife like that one [così], they are causing a commotion for nothing... I feel as if I were living in a nightmare reality show. The ʹnightmare reality showʹ. Unbelievable!

I am starting to have perpetual panic and anxiety attacks caused by (...) due to the wait for the results [esami] from Forensics [scientifica] that make disturbing remarks [frecciate] of this sort... Oh God, it is not their fault but of the (...) who do everything they can to get involved [per poter immischiare] in this story.

I would like to think of something else. I think of my friends who are close to me and I think of father who must be in great pain and must be worried in these moments; I am very sorry. I do not know what to do. I pray to Jesus that he give me the strength and the reason to deal with this situation and I pray to Him also to support father who is being confronted with an absurd situation.

November 18, 2007

They are keeping me in jail because of the kitchen knife that has a DNA trace belonging to Meredith. It seems like a horror movie... Thinking back and remembering, I remembered that that night father sent me a goodnight SMS message to be indiscreet [indiscreto, sic] (knowing that I was with Amanda), then, the following day, Amanda kept on telling me that if she had not been with me, she would be dead now [a quest’ora]. Thinking and reconstructing, I think that she always remained with me; the only thing I do not remember exactly is if she went out for a few minutes in the early evening.

I am convinced that she could not have killed Meredith and then come back home. The fact that there is Meredithʹs DNA on the kitchen knife is because on one occasion, while we were cooking together, I, while moving around at home [and] handling the knife, pricked her hand, and I apologized at once but she was not hurt [lei non si era fatta niente]. So the only real explanation for that kitchen knife is this one.

I am worried [non sono tranquillo] because if they found such a small [così irrisoria] trace they can find other [small traces] on the rags and so on... What a nightmare! First of all they should prove that that the knife is indeed the murder weapon: the blade, the type of cut, the obvious traces on the blade, etc. Then if they want to find invisible traces of Meredith in my house, they will find many [ne trovano a fiumi] at this rate! There must be a divine justice to all this! I continue to wake up in the morning with accusing faces that stare at me as [if I were] a murderer...

What an absurd story. They are all prepared to point at me [puntare il dito] when nothing is known yet. I hope that father is well, and also all those who are watching this absurd matter. I hope that the real truth comes out [a galla]. None of the three is involved!!! I have read in the newspapers that this story is becoming really big in the media [sta prendendo una dimensione mediatica enorme] and all this scares me a lot, because if these [journalists] do not get the sensational development [colpo di scena] it will become impossible to stop them... the disappointment of the masses [massa], the money that will [be used] to compensate Patrick, me and Amanda...

Oh God, oh God, what a mess! I do not understand anything [non si capisce nulla]! Who put me in this story? I did a little [un po’ ci ho messo del mio], but it is too much now.

They call me from the infirmary and I read on my case sheet that I was diagnosed with panic attacks a few days ago and that I needed to be visited again. Both Amanda and Patrick are calm, and this reassures me: if neither one of the two has done anything, imagine me [figurati io]! One must be must be patient. I very much like to talk with the [female] doctors or with the [female] social workers or the pastor or the [female] psychologist, they are very kind and willing to talk, all this gives me great comfort. I did not like talking to the deputy commander because he continues to investigate and to show me what can happen if I do not tell the truth. I will not talk to him ever again.

I continue to watch TV and in the morning, when I wake up, I work out to keep in shape. What else can I do?... I write... There is a girl in France who, inspired by the Perugia tragedy, killed a guy she met one evening: people are going crazy. We are all mad! I seem to be living in a comedy‐reality‐horror‐show badly copied from Big Brother. That is [cioè] the worst of the worst!!! The guards are kind, at least some, not all. I know [già], it is impossible to change everyone’s mind...

"Honor Bound" by Raffaele Sollecito and Andrew Gumble

In his book Honor Bound, published in 2012 by Simon & Schuster, Raffaele Sollecito revisits his story about pricking Meredith Kercher with a knife and makes important changes. He maintains he did prick her with a knife, but not the one identified as the murder weapon, his kitchen knife, the so called "Double DNA knife", with Meredith's DNA on the blade and Amanda Knox's on the handle. He also now states that Meredith never went to his apartment and that instead he was cooking at Via Della Pergola.

Here is a quote from his book where he refers to this incident:

“Still, there was something I could not fathom. How did Meredith’s DNA end up on my knife when she’d never visited my house? I was feeling so panicky I imagined for a moment that I had used the knife to cook lunch at Via della Pergola and accidentally jabbed Meredith in the hand. Something like that had in fact happened in the week before the murder. My hand slipped and the knife I was using made contact with her skin for the briefest of moments. Meredith was not hurt, I apologized, and that was that. But of course I wasn’t using my own knife at the time. There was no possible connection.”


For completeness sake I will quote Amanda Knox's words as published in her book Waiting to Be Heard:

“A knife from Raffaele’s kitchen with DNA from both Meredith and me wasn’t possible. In the week I’d known him, I’d used Raffaele’s chef’s knives to cook with, but we had never taken them out of his kitchen.
Meredith had never been to his apartment.”

She does not mention once that she and her boyfriend cooked at Via Della Pergola or any incident involving Meredith being accidentally pricked with a knife by Raffaele Sollecito. This is an odd omission considering the circumstances.

Social Media

After Raffaele Sollecito's release from prison in 2011, he became active in social media. He maintained a website (raffaelesollecito.org) where he would post trial updates and he was active on Ask.fm and on Twitter where he would respond to questions and exchange messages with supporters and sometimes with those who expressed doubt about his innocence.

On the 9th of September 2013, Raffaele Sollecito was asked by a user on Twitter if there was any truth to the story of pricking Meredith with his knife and he confirmed that he had made it up.



Go to tweet

What remains is the suspicion that Raffaele Sollecito lied about the knife so he had an innocent reason to explain the victim's DNA on it. The story was improbable to begin with, not only because there was no one who confirmed it, not even his then-girlfriend Amanda Knox, also, an incident like the one he described would not leave DNA embedded in a scratch found on the blade of the knife.
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